Episode 207

Australian Air Date: 1st November 1988
UK Air Date: 28th November 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Tina Butler

There’s a new man in Roo’s life, but his identity is a mystery.

Thirty-second appearance, last seen in #206. Went to the mid-exam engagement party for Frank and Bobby.

Extended Summary

Bobby did well on her exam. Her memory seems to have fully recovered.

Roo tries to be friends with Bobby but Bobby does not believe she is serious.

Ailsa tries to convince Bobby that Roo has changed.

Phil and Stacey continue to figure Gary out and what he’s up too.

Bobby forgives Roo and says they can get along now. Bobby was a little afraid earlier that Roo wanted Frank back. Roo tells her that she has found a guy in Melbourne that she loves, whose name is David.

Gary is in Stacey’s office. He talks to Stacey and Phil. He talks as if he’s playing some sort of sick game with them.

Ailsa thinks Roo is just making David in Melbourne up, to stay out of trouble with Bobby and to leave her troubled memories behind her.

A party is held at Frank’s apartment.

Roo talks to Gary. Carly gets jealous and opens a can of soft drink which splashes all over Roo!

Phil and Stacey investigate further into Gary’s life. They have some information from Barnett that Gary’s parents died in a car crash a long time ago. They suspect something went wrong with Gary after the crash.

Roo talks to Ailsa. Roo feels she always get into trouble somehow. Ailsa promises her it will get better as time goes by. They hug each other. (Music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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