Episode 206

Australian Air Date: 31st October 1988
UK Air Date: 27th November 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Tina Butler

There are mixed reactions to news of Bobby and Frank’s engagement.

Thirty-first appearance, last seen in #205. Returned to school to sit Year 12 exams.
Took a Year 12 exam.

Extended Summary

Tom gets a call from the hospital saying that Bobby has left hospital. Tom and Pippa get worried. They have no knowledge that she is at Frank’s place.

Frank and Bobby tell Phil they are getting married. Tom phones Frank’s place. Phil is there and answers the phone; he tells Tom that Bobby is here.

Phil wants Bobby back in hospital again to check if she’s completely recovered.

Frank tells Tom and Pippa that he will marry Bobby. They ask if he’s serious.

Bobby comes home from the hospital. Everyone is happy!

Frank has bought an engagement ring for Bobby.

Fisher finds out about Bobby’s amnesia. She can’t remember her schoolwork yet. She tells Fisher she will pass the HSC anyway. She says she will work herself back to remembering all the schoolwork.

Bobby studies a lot. A lot of scenes are shown of her studying and she studies till she falls asleep!

Roo returns to Summer Bay. She is very classy dressed.

The exams commence. Bobby is in it too.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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