Episode 205

Australian Air Date: 28th October 1988
UK Air Date: 24th November 1989
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Andrew Friedman

Bobby accepts Frank’s romantic offer, while Stacey and Philip prod Celia for information.

Thirtieth appearance, last seen in #203. Was let down by a malicious Gary once more.

Extended Summary

Martin and Lance find out they have been robbed too. They had not noticed it at first until Neville has told them!

Phil talks to Fisher about the painkillers Craig took. Fisher talks to Jeff about it. Jeff acts innocently and denies he has given Craig the painkillers. Fisher has suspended him.

Bobby’s memory has come back partly. Carly visits her at the hospital. Bobby still cannot remember she is in love with Frank. He tries to convince her she is.

Frank brings a walkman with a tape with a song he used to play to Bobby which he wrote a while ago. He hopes this will make her memory of him come back. Bobby listens to the song and is teary. She still cannot remember them being in love. Frank tells Bobby again that he loves her and he proposes to her in hospital! She gets angry and surprised!

Jeff is drinking and gets drunk to forget his problems. Martin and Lance go over to see Gary.

Gary tells them that Lance’s money got stolen too! Martin and Lance believe him.

Bobby listens to the tape once more. She remembers Frank’s car accident and when they fell in love. She cries and says to herself: “I love you too!”

Bobby leaves the hospital and turns up at Frank’s place and says she now remembers.

She says yes to his proposal to marry him. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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