Episode 175

Australian Air Date: 16th September 1988
UK Air Date: 13th October 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Adshead

Bobby finds a farewell letter from Ailsa and skips an exam to hurry to the city.

Final episode.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #173. Offered to buy the newly-acquired Hogan’s Store from Celia.
Warned Ailsa against breaking into Bobby’s locker.

Extended Summary

Celia goes to see Frank in the back flat and tells him she wants him and Narelle out of the flat so she can use it for meetings and that she disapproves of mixed groups living together. Annoyed, Frank tells her she can’t get rid of them until the lease runs out. Celia is already making changes to the store, much to the bemusement of Colleen and Sally and her friends. Later she gets a call from Gordon Macklin, offering her twenty thousand dollars more than she paid for the store.

Ailsa goes to see Pippa and tells her she is leaving the area. She’s realised that Bobby was right about her running to Graham when she has a problem and she isn’t going to do it anymore. Pippa is sad to see her leave. Ailsa says she needs to say goodbye to Bobby but she knows Bobby will make a scene and try to stop her going. She has a letter for bobby instead which she will leave in her locker. She goes to the school and slips her letter into Bobby’s locker. She then goes back to the city and tells Graham she’s going to live in England after a holiday in Singapore. Frank asks Bobby to help Carly study so they go to the library but Bobby misses the note. Next day, they arrive at school for their exams. Bobby finds the note and is stunned that Ailsa is trying to sneak away on her…

In the city, where Graham lives, Ailsa is loading her bags into Graham’s car. He is driving her to the airport. Suddenly Bobby arrives, running down the street to the house. Ailsa cant believe she came here. She’s worried – but Bobby says she isn’t here to hassle her. Just to say goodbye to her best mate. They both start to cry. Ailsa hugs Bobby and they say goodbye. Ailsa gets in the car and Graham drives away leaving a tearful Bobby behind.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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