Episode 160

Australian Air Date: 26th August 1988
UK Air Date: 22nd September 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Paul Moloney

Bobby struggles with a moral dilemma.

Final episode. Died in hospital following a burst brain aneurysm.

Extended Summary

Frank questions Bobby over her comment at the hospital about keeping her promise to Alan, even if it means pulling the plug herself. Frank implores her to not do anything stupid, she could end up in jail for murder, but Bobby is insistent that Alan didn’t want to be kept alive as ‘a vegetable’. She later heads out to the hospital.

Alf and Roo are waiting in the hospital for news on Alan. Roo thinks that they should call Celia, who is staying with her parents in Tahiti, but Alf believes that they should stay positive – when Alan pulls through the last thing he’s going to want is Celia fussing over him. They head out to stretch their legs, narrowly missing Ailsa who has come to visit Pippa and the baby. Graham is accompanying her and is unsure about being introduced to Pippa – they don’t want to be the subject of gossip – but she insists that Pippa will be discreet. Ailsa is flattered when Pippa asks her to be Christopher’s godmother, but wants to make sure that this isn’t Pippa’s way of convincing her to return to the bay. Pippa states that she simply needs to keep in touch and turn up at the naming ceremony. She goes on to tell Ailsa that Alf can’t make it to the ceremony, hiding the fact that she has already asked him to be godfather. When Alf returns to the waiting room, he is shocked to see Graham there, recognising him from when he was waiting outside the post office in the city for Ailsa. He is about to confront Graham when he hears Ailsa and Pippa approaching, and makes a quick exit.

After being introduced to Graham, Pippa comments that he seems really nice and tries to get more information out of Ailsa. Ailsa replies that Graham’s simply an old friend before changing the subject. Pippa puts in one final pitch for Alf’s side, that Ailsa shouldn’t write him off just yet, but Ailsa says that Alf broke her heart. She heads to the store to see Bobby, after being told of Alan’s condition, where Frank tells her what Bobby has been saying.

Barbara and Donald keep a vigil at a comatose Alan’s bedside. When they go to get some coffee, Bobby sneaks into Alan’s room where she tells him that she’s going to keep her promise to him. When she hears Donald returning, Bobby hides behind some equipment in the corner of the room. An emotional Donald tells Alan that he’s always loved him as a father should and begs him to live. Bobby sneaks back out after witnessing this. The next morning Barbara wakes up Donald, who has spent the night at Alan’s bedside. She suggests he go home for a shower, and is about to do so when Alan starts having a seizure.

Meanwhile Colleen wakes up Bobby who’s slept on the beach. Bobby tells her to rack off and Ailsa later finds Bobby, where she talks to her about her promise to Alan. She tells her not to go through with it, or she could end up in prison and become a mess like her. When Bobby gets home, Tom tells her that Alan has had another attack and that the doctors don’t expect him to survive.

Bobby rushes to the hospital only to find Alan’s bed empty. Barbara follows her into the room and tells her that Alan didn’t suffer, as Bobby breaks down in her arms.

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