Episode 159

Australian Air Date: 25th August 1988
UK Air Date: 21st September 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Paul Moloney

A vital young life hangs in the balance.

Final episode.
Third appearance, last seen in #156. Operated on a comatose Alan.

Extended Summary

Roo came into the store while Bobby priced the merchandise. Bobby asked her if she’d like a new personality but Roo liked hers the way it was. They also talked about Ailsa and Alf, Roo ordered strawberry milk and then talked about Alan and the surfing circuit which was mainly due to Brett. Bobby then started to insult Roo’s baby knowing that Brett was the father and also mentioned to Roo about the agony of having a baby and what Pippa went through.

Alan was in hospital on life support being examined by Dr Bruce who then told Donald and Barbara that he was in a coma, that it was too early to know the severity of it and that he would do some tests.

Brett talked to Frank in the store and gave him business advice on how to go about selling the Macklin Resort to clients and how to be confident. Meanwhile Bobby was making their sandwiches and gave her opinion at every opportunity she got. Brett also mentioned that Alan ditched the surfing sponsorship which was a surprise to Bobby. Brett left the store, told Frank to pay for lunch and to get a receipt. She was happy that Alan hadn’t taken the sponsorship and went to congratulate him while she left Frank to fend for himself until Colleen came for her shift.

The nurse was running some tests on Alan when Dr Bruce asked Donald and Barbara’s permission to operate as it was necessary to find out what was wrong with Alan. They contacted the best neurosurgeon who was coming to the Bay as it was safer than transporting Alan to the City. Barbara wanted Donald to give his permission as he was Alan’s father.

Bobby wandered the beach tops looking for Alan, she asked Lance and Martin if either of them had seen him and they said that they were looking for her. Lance wanted his money back, Bobby said that it was in a real safe place and as soon as she saw Alan she was going to stick it into a long term deposit account. There was a note on the front door of Lance’s place from Carly and that she had some information for him. Lynn and Carly fooled Lance and Martin with the box of money which turned out to be full of newspaper cuttings in the shape of the money. They all went up to Carly’s room, laughed about the joke that they had just pulled but Carly discovered that the money was really gone as someone had taken the garbage bag from her room which had old clothes and the money stored in it.

Bobby ran into Colleen lugging the garbage bag from the Fletcher household while doing the rounds for St Vinnie’s and it was so heavy that she put it on the ground. Colleen picked up the bag and there was a fifty dollar note on the ground. Bobby pointed out that it was coming out of the garbage bag, hinted that it would be Lance’s money and asked Colleen what her intentions were with the money. Bobby also asked if she had seen Alan and was surprised that Bobby hadn’t heard the news.

Bobby ran into the hospital, found Barbara and Donald in the waiting room and began to ask questions about Alan. Donald was furious about her presence at the hospital and Bobby just wanted to know how he was so they argued until Barbara intervened and told Donald that if Bobby wanted to stay then it was okay.

Lance was stressing about the money, Carly and Lynn gave them the good news that after doing some investigations they found out where the money was but the bad news was that Lance’s mum was in possession of the money. They paid her a visit at the store wanting to “chat” to her about rags, cleaning and eventually they got around to the subject of the money. Colleen gave Lance a receipt from the Macklin Corporation for $100,000 as he had become a major investor.

Donald had a coffee for himself and Barbara, a tearful Bobby glanced at Barbara and she gave her a weak smile back, she then got some water for the drinking fountain and when she sat down Dr Bruce came over to Barbara and Donald to inform them that they were about to operate and that he was holding on, afterwards Barbara relayed that same news to Bobby.

Frank took Lance’s money down to the bank in a full Police escort as Brett was on the phone to his father in the store as he had to tell his father about it before he went off to the US. Brett ordered another coffee, Frank was surprised to hear that Lance was investing in the company but they still needed his signature on the dotted line. Lance was a one-in-a-million investor where they hand over the money and let you get on with it. Roo walked in their business lunch, she looked glum and even though Brett didn’t want her there, she spoke to Frank instead and told him about Alan being in hospital, that he collapsed on the beach and that he might die. Frank wanted to know if Bobby knew and she said that she was already at the hospital, he was only concerned for Bobby and walked out on Roo and Brett even though Roo wanted him to stay and comfort her.

Bobby was asleep, Alf speculated with Barbara and Donald about why Alan was on the beach in the first place and maybe he wanted to patch things up. Donald blamed himself as the sponsorship was why Alan’s blood pressure was up but Barbara told Donald to stop blaming himself as they didn’t know. Donald thought that he was helping and wished that he could do anything to talk to him and now he might never get the chance to. Alf said that Alan knew how Donald felt even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, that Alan was a battler and that he’d come through this ordeal. Frank found Bobby and told her that Roo had told him of the news and how he couldn’t believe that it was happening. Frank mentioned that he was glad that Donald and Alan got it sorted out before it happened as Brett told Alan that it was Donald who had set up the sponsorship and Brett reckoned that Alan went there to shake Donald’s hand. Bobby set him straight saying that that never happened as Alan collapsed before he got a chance to speak to him and that in light of the new information she wanted to let Donald know. Donald was hostile towards Bobby when she wanted to let him know but when she told him about the reason why Alan was coming to see him, he actually listened to what both Bobby and Frank had to say. Even though Alan had rejected the sponsorship, after Brett let it slip that it was actually from Donald, he was looking for Donald to thank him. Barbara walked in thanked Frank and Bobby for filling them in and then Donald apologised before Bobby sat back down.

Lynn was leaving and Carly tried to convince her to stay but she had promised her parents that she would come back home and that she would visit Nico as well. Lance and Martin came by to thank Carly and Lynn for giving the money to Colleen as they were now investors in the Macklin Resort development and they assumed that they would have their own spot reserved down by the pool, a table at the restaurant, free food on tap and classy chicks whenever they wanted. Lynn had to go, Carly walked her out and Martin said that it was time to stake their claim as he had a list of demands.

Brett looked at this list of demands and refused to act upon it. He explained that Lance would get an annual dividend but not club membership but Martin told Brett that Lance wouldn’t sign the deal unless their demands were met, so he would find some sort of compromise.

Dr Bruce informed Donald and Barbara about Alan’s condition before Alf convinced Dr Bruce to let Bobby and Frank know the results as well. Alan’s operation was over, there had been major brain damage and the best outcome would that Alan would still recognise people or at worst that he would die. Bobby made Alan a promise that if the worst came to the worst that Alan wouldn’t be a zombie for the rest of his life. Frank convinced her that there was nothing that she could do about it and that it was out of their hands but Bobby insisted that she made a promise and that she had to keep it no matter what.

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