Episode 144

Australian Air Date: 4th August 1988
UK Air Date: 31st August 1989
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Graham Barton

Who is the beautiful woman on Frank’s arm at the Macklin cocktail party?

> Colleen was married to Stan for 23 years.

Extended Summary

Outside the mobile home, Martin is raving on about the cocktail party and how they’re going to meet some city slickers while Lance seems keen to avoid the subject.Bobby wanders past looking miserable and when they tell her they’ll see her at the party, she tells them to rack off in a subdued manner.Martin asks to see Lance’s invite and follows him back inside, stressing that the invite said Lance could bring a guest and Martin is the obvious choice.Lance agrees but admits that Colleen assumed she was going to be his guest. Martin insists he needs to stand up to her.

At the store, Colleen asks Ailsa for some hair rinser, choosing Autumn Tint.She talks about how much she’s looking forward to the cocktail party at Ailsa’s but Ailsa says she isn’t going to be there.She points out it isn’t a social event but a sales pitch and thinks Colleen should tell Lance to leave his cheque book at home and make sure no-one talks him into anything.Colleen agrees he’s easily led and tells her to keep the hair rinse, there are some sacrifices a mother has to make.At the mobile home, Martin hides in the cupboard as Colleen arrives home.She and Lance skirt around the issue of the cocktail party before Lance brings it up and Colleen is relieved that he seems to agree with her about not going.Lance suddenly notices she keeps using the word “we” and Colleen says they’ll have a nice quiet evening in together.After she has gone, Martin emerges from hiding, disgusted with Lance’s poor performance.

Bobby is trying to do her homework in her room while Carly complains about Frank managing to get Bobby an invite and not her.Bobby says she’s not going anyway and Carly protests she could have given her the invite.Bobby tries to make out that she objects to the impact the development will have on the environment but Carly is in favour of it, saying there’ll be more to do and it’ll bring in more jobs and pointing out Matt wouldn’t have had to leave town if his father could have got a job in the area.Steven comes in and commiserates with Bobby over not being invited anymore.Carly laughs and teases Bobby about how it’s a good job she didn’t want to go anyway.

Next morning, Pippa collects the post which includes a leaflet Ailsa has been distributing opposing the Macklin development.She shows it to Tom, who thinks the development will bring in more customers for them.Pippa thinks it’s more likely to provide competition.Neville comes past and they show him the leaflet. He says he hasn’t made his mind up yet and is going to hear what Brett says at the party.Neville heads down to the beach for some fishing and encounters Alf doing the same thing.He shows him the leaflet but Alf says he knew nothing about it, pointing out he’s holding a party for the development, and asks Neville to watch his line.He storms over to the store to confront Ailsa about the leaflets and accuses her of undermining him.Ailsa says she’s entitled to her opinion.Alf demands she comes to the party to support him but Ailsa refuses, saying she doesn’t like Brett or his ideas.

Bobby goes round to Barbara’s where Barbara gives her the dress she’s fixed up for her for the party.Bobby says she isn’t going anymore since Brett ordered Frank to uninvite her.Barbara goes round to the office and meets Frank.He says Bobby’s told him about her and says she’s all right.Barbara says it’s Bobby they need to talk about.

Ailsa asks Narelle to look after the store for her for a while, saying she needs some fresh air.Steven turns up but doesn’t seem to want to do anything except sit being miserable.He explains Penny can’t make the party on the grounds that she wouldn’t be seen dead with him.Narelle realises Steven really wants a hot chick on his arm at the party and volunteers her services.Steven tries to make out he’ll be all right going on his own before eventually admitting he wouldn’t and accepting.

Martin is still trying to get Lance to come to the party but Lance says Colleen’s been set on staying in since she found out The Sound of Music was on television.He also says Colleen thinks the development’s dodgy. Martin tells Lance he needs a financial adviser to keep an eye out for him and point him in the right direction…in other words, Martin.He also asks Lance for some money to buy some new clothes so he’ll be able to impress people.Narelle comes in, talking about what a great cousin Lance is.Lance asks her how much she wants and she asks for some money to buy a new dress for the party.

Bobby is in her room, admiring the dress Barbara gave her, when Frank turns up and tells her he wants her to come to the party as his guest.Bobby realises Barbara spoke to him and Frank confirms it, saying she made him realise he was a jerk for not standing up to Brett.He insists that if Bobby’s there with him Brett won’t be able to do anything about it.Bobby agrees.

Later, Frank and Martin are getting ready for the party.Frank doesn’t think Martin will be let in without an invite but Martin insists he’s Lance’s financial adviser.Frank leaves to pick up Bobby, since he promised he’d be there early to help Brett set things up, just as Steven arrives wearing a tux.Steven admits to Martin that he’s worried Narelle won’t fit in if she turns up looking like she normally does.Martin assures him he’s got nothing to worry about as Narelle comes in wearing a classy dress.Steven is gobsmacked at how she looks.

At the Stewart house, Alf is on the phone to Celia as Brett’s staff get things ready around him and tells her about the party.Ailsa is ready to go out and Alf tells her that Celia’s enjoying herself in Tahiti but Ailsa isn’t happy that he made out everything’s fine between them.Alf again tries to demand she stay and support him, worried how it will look if she isn’t there.Ailsa just says she’ll see him in the morning.Alf tells her if she doesn’t stay there won’t be a welcoming committee when she gets back.Ailsa retorts that given his attitude towards marriage he’d be more likely to hand her a broom and tell her to start sweeping.

Pippa is getting ready on the landing while Frank fidgets, waiting for Bobby.He heads into her room and is stopped short by the sight of her in the dress, telling her she looks beautiful.Bobby makes out it’s nothing, saying she just put on a dress and got Carly to help her with her hair, but is clearly pleased by the compliment.Frank tells her that if Brett says anything out of line, he can stuff his job and Frank will rearrange his queasy good looks.Pleased at his protective attitude, Bobby quietly says to herself that she’ll help him.