Episode 5202

Australian Air Date: 9th November 2010
UK Air Date: 18th January 2011

Nina breaks things off with Liam. The weapon used to kill Penn is revealed. John tells Xavier he’s back with Gina.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Bianca berates April over her recycling day clean up that she believes is a ploy to get her to spend time with Liam. April denies this and is surprised when Bianca tells her about the visit she had from Romeo re Liam’s relationship status with Nina. April thinks it’s blatantly obvious to everyone how Bianca feels about Liam, but as always Bianca denies any affection for him. When Liam announces he’s bringing Nina along to the clean up, Bianca says Vittorio will be accompanying them too. Both Bianca and Liam are keen not to spend any time with one another and the inclusion of their respective partners will ensure minimal contact.

At the site, Nina decides to divide the participants into male/female groups and Bianca is less than impressed. As Liam and Vittorio play alpha male, Nina and Bianca find they have a lot in common. Bianca tries her best not to like Nina, but they are uncannily similar. That afternoon Nina confronts Liam on his feelings for Bianca. She’s seen the way he looks at her and she’s not prepared to be the ‘other woman’. Nina leaves town and Liam is left with serious food for thought.

Robertson and Graves take possession of the bait shop knife inventory and accounts books. Robertson questions Alf over what knives have been sold including a particular brand of blade, but Alf denies having had one at the shop. Robertson is sceptical about Alf’s denial and when the report comes back on the blade used to kill Penn, Robertson gets in touch with a fishing rod supplier who states he did send that type of knife to Alf. Again, Alf denies this, saying the supplier is less than reliable, but it’s clear Robertson has other ideas on who’s telling the truth.

In the wake of Gina’s uncharacteristic behaviour, Xavier suspects she is having an affair – with a new man. April doubts this, she thinks Gina is probably seeing John, but Xavier disagrees. Why would Gina sneak around with John and not tell him? April suggests Xavier talk to John and find out what’s going on. Well aware that he is seeing Gina, John finds Xavier’s bumbling over what Gina could be up to quite amusing until Xavier drops the fact Gina is meeting up with someone from the ‘P and C’ at lunch. It must be the new man. Acutely aware he has no plans to meet with Gina, John is intrigued and heads to the diner, just to make sure Xavier’s theory isn’t right. Once there he finds Gina and Roo who are awkward at seeing him. They have met up to talk about Hugo and Martha, but they quickly cover with a story of a casual lunch and John decides to join them. John isn’t convinced of their story, but Gina denies anything suspicious going on. Later, when Xavier comes back to talk to John he goes overboard on the condolences, hugging John and telling him to move on – forget about Gina. John can’t keep up the lie, he tells Xavier that Gina is having an affair – with him. Xavier is shocked.

When Roo receives a phone call at the caravan park, she is forced to admit to Alf that she is being chased up by a company in the US over some debts. She says that whilst she has a temporary cashflow problem, she’s figured a way to get some money in Australia and all will be fine. Roo immediately phones Gina to arrange another meeting so they can talk properly – is Roo being honest about Martha and Hugo needing money?