Episode 5201

Australian Air Date: 8th November 2010
UK Air Date: 17th January 2011

Penn’s body is found. Roo and Gina cook up a plan to help Hugo and Martha.


Written by Cameron Welsh
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

When John finds Penn’s body washed up on the shoreline the investigation into how he died begins. Robertson is his usual self, taking over the crime scene and making it hard for Charlie to get a word in edgeways.

Colleen is in a flap, the intrigue of the scandalous murder providing a source of excitement as she pesters Robertson about possible causes of death. Alf is deeply affected by the murder and when the coroner’s report comes back Robertson books a date with Alf – he has some serious questions about Penn’s murder.

Liam is back in town sporting a new attitude and an equally brash girlfriend, Nina. Meanwhile, Bianca is making wedding plans with Vittorio, but we get the feeling she’s less than enthusiastic about the prospect. Tensions are high between Liam and Bianca and when Nina drops into the school to see Liam, he makes a show of kissing her to spite Bianca and Romeo isn’t impressed. Later, Nina hits on Romeo and he tells Liam, but he’s shocked when Liam isn’t bothered by her actions stating they are ‘casual’ not married. Romeo thinks on this and pays Bianca a visit. He thinks she needs to know that Liam and Nina aren’t serious – just in case it changes her plans with Vittorio.

Roo is desperate to persuade Gina to use the money Hugo left Xavier to help Martha and Hugo out. Gina is reluctant and Roo presses just about every point she can, but Gina isn’t prepared to agree to any kind of plan – not yet. Alf spots the pair on several occasions and immediately suspects the two are cooking up a plan. Roo denies this wholeheartedly, stating she and Gina are simply bonding – they are family now after all.

Later in his room at The Sands, John notes Gina’s distraction and she too denies any problem. Alf finally calls Roo on her suspicious behaviour, insisting whatever she’s up to she needs to be careful. Once again, Roo dismisses his concern – but have his words made an impact on her plans to help Hugo and Martha?