Episode 5200

Australian Air Date: 5th November 2010
UK Air Date: 17th December 2010

Roo and Angelo strike up a friendship. Indi panics about her exams. Dex is down after Graves’ rejection. Penn reappears.


Written by Stephen Vagg
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Dex is despondent – Graves hasn’t responded to his text. Sid tries to pull him out of his bad mood but it’s to no avail. Indi is also stressed, about her impending exams. Romeo comes around to try and de-stress Indi but doesn’t have a lot of success – she eventually agrees to a romantic 10 minutes, which only irritates Dex further. Sid attempts to sort things out with the kids, and tells them they need to calm things down in order to make Marilyn feel more at home during her visits – clearly they are unaware that she will soon be moving in, but it is obviously not the right time to tell them. Though he doesn’t get through to Indi, Sid does persuade Dex to sort himself out a little.

At the Diner, Dex runs into Graves and she tells him she doesn’t want to hear from him again. It is a harsh rejection, and Sid gives her a serve over the way she’s treated him, resulting in an apology. However it sends Dex back to his depressed square one. Sid tries to console him, telling him he needs to stop going for older women – he speculates he’s doing it because he knows their unobtainable, and their rejection is easier to take. Dex resolves no-one girl is ever going to want him, regardless of age – he’s just a nerd. Sid brings Marilyn and Romeo round for dinner, but Indi isn’t impressed that Romeo has been brought there to distract her. Clearly this is not the family environment Sid thought he’d be creating.

Roo has been for a walk, and recounts to Alf all the negative memories that the landmarks she visited have for her. The place hasn’t changed one bit since she left. Alf is sad to learn that Roo never enjoyed their fishing trips, and realises she’s offended him. Alf calls her on it – he’s fed up with her negativity, and if she’s got that many issues with the Bay, he can’t fathom why she came back. She reflects on what Alf has said down at the wharf, and Angelo joins her. They get acquainted, realising the connection they share with Martha. As they talk, Roo starts to think more about the good things that happened to her there, and when Angelo loses control of his rod, she steps in and saves the catch. Later, Angelo cooks the fish and they share it over dinner – and Roo thanks him for letting Martha escape, before coming to the realisation that Summer Bay wasn’t such a bad place to grow up after all.

Roo goes to find Alf and concludes that she has focused too much on the negative, and is despondent about the mother daughter connection between herself and Martha. Alf remembers that Gina called earlier, wanting to see Roo. She goes to meet her and asks Gina if she’s decided what to do. Hugo wants his money back from Xavier – but Gina doesn’t want to be involved, it’s a big risk. Roo presses the issue – it will keep Martha and Hugo safe. All Gina can do is tell Roo she needs more time to think about it.

Charlie is reflecting on her conversation with Ruby about Alexander – she is still adjusting to her role as Mum. Robertson interrupts her conversation with Angelo to report that, because of a lack of evidence, he and Graves will be heading back to the city. He officially hands the case back over to her. Robertson apologises to Charlie for handing over an unsolvable case – with no body, it’s an impossible situation. However he has spoken without cause, as Penn’s body washes up on the beach…