Episode 5040

Australian Air Date: 26th March 2010
UK Air Date: 2nd April 2010

The pressure is getting to Miles as he snaps out at Marilyn. Leah asks Elijah out on a date. Liam thinks Xavier is concealing drugs in a shoebox.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

Elijah has confided in Miles that he was at Vinnie’s bedside when he died 18 months ago. Elijah’s last posting was in a farming community, and one night he was called to the local hospital to see a patient. It was Vinnie, living under a false name following his entry into witness protection in 2002. He had been working on a farm when a tractor rolled on top of him, and whilst the doctors had managed to stabilise him, his wounds had become septic and he knew he was dying. He opened up to Elijah that his life was a lie, and that he had a wife and son living in a town called Summer Bay. He mentioned his visit to them in disguise in 2004 for VJ’s birthday party, where had had left a note for Leah telling her to move on with her life. Vinnie held on for a few days, repeating Leah’s and VJ’s names over and over, before he died with Elijah at his bedside. A year later the opportunity for a transfer came up, and curiosity brought Elijah to Summer Bay, where he was surprised to Vinnie’s story was completely true. Now Elijah has developed feelings for Leah, who is still under the impression that Vinnie is alive, which only makes things more complicated.

Elijah is troubled by the secret and doesn’t know if he should tell Leah. He doesn’t want to set back her self confidence recovery and it troubles him that as they are getting close he’s hiding a secret from her. The conversation is interrupted by Alf and Marilyn returning home, and Elijah makes his exit.

The whole thing weighs heavily on Miles too and he finds himself on-edge because of it. He’s annoyed at Marilyn when he can’t find his regular breakfast cereal and he unloads on her when she pushes him to do Pilates. At Rabbit’s behest, Miles tries to apologise to her, but when Marilyn calls Miles on his moods, he loses it and tells her he wants her out of the house. Marilyn is shaken, but sets about looking around for something else, Alf is very upset when he finds out what’s happened and calls Miles on his action and is quick to discern that it’s not really Marilyn who Miles is angry at. He tries to get Miles to open up about what’s really troubling him, but Miles resists. He does however agree that Marilyn should stay on and Marilyn, seeing that he’s sincere, agrees – before offering him a haircut.

Thanks to Miles, Leah and Elijah both know they have feelings for each other and Leah is very keen to step things up and move things forward between them. She tries to confide in Miles about her possible options with Elijah, but Miles knowing the secret about Vinnie isn’t very supportive of Leah and she’s hurt by that which just adds to the pressures Miles is feeling. When Elijah shows up at the Diner, Leah decides the time is right to put her plan in action and she asks him out. Elijah is broadsided and tongue-tied and Leah interprets that as disinterest and starts to back away, but Elijah manages to recover and tells her he’d love to go out with her and Leah’s heart skips a beat or two.

Xavier’s bringing the last of his belongings from home to the Farm when Liam, arriving home, sees some boxes of Xavier’s things and, trying to be helpful, brings them inside. Xavier gets agitated when he sees Liam with his things and takes the boxes off him. Liam’s surprised at how protective of them Xavier is. Next morning when Xavier turns up with one of the boxes in his backpack Liam becomes a little suss, but when Martha teases Xavier about what’s in the box he tells her it’s letters and cards and stuff that Ruby wanted. Martha thinks that’s cute and buys the story, but Liam is less convinced. Later when Xavier is counting the money, to make sure it’s all there, Liam arrives home and nearly catches him. Seeing Xavier spooked and looking guilty, Liam is convinced Xavier’s up to no good and by the time Martha gets home he’s decided what he thinks is going on. He tells her he’s sure Xavier has drugs in the shoebox, but little does he know – Xavier’s overheard the accusation.

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