Episode 5039

Australian Air Date: 25th March 2010
UK Air Date: 1st April 2010

Annie’s devastated when Romeo quits the play. Elijah drops a bombshell to Miles that would shake up Leah’s life if she learnt about it. Angelo tries to befriend Michael, as his paranoia that he’s seeing Charlie deepens.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

Annie and Romeo recited lines to each other at their last rehearsal as if they were the real Romeo and Juliet and it’s enflamed their real life romance. The two are behaving like love-sick teenagers and people have noticed. Irene, noting the change in Annie, asks her if she’s any closer to deciding if she’s going to stay in Summer Bay or head back to Japan. Annie thinks she’ll have a decision soon. The next day when he mentions to Annie about their kissing scene, she kisses him and states that she isn’t nervous about it at all. Despite feeling on top of the world, Romeo still has one pressing problem to deal with – the thought of being on stage, in front of an audience, makes him literally sick. As Miles tries to gee him up, he tells him the stage fright will pass and he thinks it’s great that Romeo feels so secure about himself that he isn’t afraid to wear a dress on stage. Later, when putting on that same dress for the very first time, fear grips Romeo and he can’t even leave the change room. Annie tries to coax him out and fails, and Romeo tells her that he needs to see Miles. When Miles arrives he finds Romeo’s confidence in tatters. Miles tries to hose down his fears, but the boy is adamant that he can’t perform in a dress, and quits the production. And Annie’s left devastated.

Angelo fears Charlie is seeing Michael, her Counsellor, romantically, and he’s becoming increasingly desperate to find out for sure. He pretends to know Michael when he sees him in the Surf Club and manages to have a drink with him while trying to pump him for information. Later, while trying to gauge her reaction, Angelo tells Charlie that he has to meet up with Michael to discuss a tinny that he wants to buy from him. Charlie’s taken aback to know that Angelo knows Michael, and later, at her counselling session with him, she tries to draw him out about other cops he might know. Michael, however, is quick to shut the personal discussion down. Angelo’s becoming increasingly paranoid about Michael and it’s becoming concerning.

Elijah and Leah are enjoying each other’s company, but Miles, a confidant to both, is having trouble keeping their secrets and, in moments of weakness, inadvertently let slip to each that the other has feelings for them. Miles is also aware that Elijah is troubled by another, deeper secret – one that so far he hasn’t opened up about at all. When Leah, in the knowledge that he has feelings for her, tells Elijah that he can tell her anything that may be on his mind, he worries that she somehow knows about his bigger secret.

He questions Miles about it only to find that Leah simply knows about Elijah’s feelings for her. This only complicates things further for Elijah, and it worries him enough to suggest that he might put in for a transfer out of Summer Bay. Deeply troubled, Elijah chats around the issue with Alf who suggests that the Reverend may need to go to confession. Thinking about that, Elijah seeks out Miles again. But just before he can unload to Miles they are interrupted. Later, during his Ju-Jitsu class with Leah, Elijah feels awkward and teams Leah up with another student when it seems likely he and Leah are going to have to practice together.

Miles and Elijah finally get to catch up and Elijah tells him what’s really bothering him. Elijah asks Miles what he knows about Leah’s husband Vinnie. Miles replies that all he knows is that Vinnie died in prison many years ago not long after VJ was born. Elijah reveals that he was at Vinnie’s deathbed, not years ago after the prison fire, but only 18 months ago. He was the last person to see him alive.

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