Episode 4886

Australian Air Date: 29th June 2009
UK Air Date: 13th July 2009

Ruby is ready to take the next step in her relationship with Xavier. Jai gets tipsy at the party and his loose lips sees Annie break up with him. Charlie pays Angelo a late night visit.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

It’s Ruby’s 16th Birthday party, and she and Xavier decide that it is the ideal occasion for them to take their relationship to the next stage and sleep together. It’s a big step for Ruby who is still a virgin. Ruby has told Charlie about her plans and they argue, as Charlie wants Ruby to wait, but Ruby is certain she wants to do this now.

Angelo is concerned that Charlie has fallen out with her sister and he suggests that she tell Ruby to trust her instincts in the matter. Charlie surprises herself by relaying just that to Ruby, who is very pleased by Charlie’s change of heart. But it’s not Charlie’s new approach to the issue alone that sees Ruby and Xavier shelve their plans.

Ruby learns that Xavier has told a couple of his mates about what the night holds for him and Ruby, and it seems everyone at the party knows about the idea, thanks to Gonk’s gossiping. Angry, Ruby calls the plan off. The night seems set to be a disaster until Xavier tells Ruby that he loves her.

The punch at the party is mysteriously spiked with alcohol and both Jai and Annie get a little tipsy. Trey, who has turned up in another attempt to apologise to Nicole, is rebuked by her and later thrown out by Alf for spiking the punch – not realising it was Gonk who did it.

Jai, already feeling envious of Xavier and Ruby about to embark on a sexual relationship, finds that his lips are loosened by the alcohol and he wants to know when Annie is likely to want to take the step. Annie is upset and believes that Jai has been lying to her and just pretending he was okay with them not making that step. No matter what Jai says, Annie’s mind can’t be changed and she breaks up with the hapless Jai.

Charlie feels bad about recently telling May that Angelo shot Jack, which caused a brief rift between May and Angelo. May seems forgiving when Charlie apologises to her, and all seems well until it becomes clear that both Angelo and Charlie, unbeknown to each other, realise that they still have feelings for the other. Both try to fight their feelings. Charlie, thinking Ruby has slept with Xavier, feels bad and doesn’t want to spend the night alone. And when she realises Angelo went home early from his date with May she finds herself drawn to call around to see him. After a few awkward moments between them, Charlie and Angelo are in each other’s arm and their clothes are coming off.

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