Episode 4887

Australian Air Date: 30th June 2009
UK Air Date: 14th July 2009

Ruby discovers that Charlie slept with Angelo, again! Aden finds out what Clint wants him to do to get the ring back. Lachie’s threat to put Geoff in hospital backfires


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Charlie wakes up in Angelo’s bed and is horrified by what she’s done. She’s very cool with Angelo and avoids breakfast to make an early get away, determined that no one will find out what’s happened. She heads to the diner for breakfast with Ruby, who explains about what happened with Xavier. Despite having an incredible night with him, they didn’t actually sleep together. Ruby admits Charlie was right and that when it does happen, she wants everything to be perfect. She asks where Charlie got to and she tells Ruby that once work was finished, the party was over – and that she left home early to go for a swim.

However later Ruby confronts Charlie about where she really was – Colleen saw her on the beach in her uniform that morning. Charlie is forced to come clean about her spending the night at Angelo’s. Ruby’s horrified that Charlie has been with Angelo again and thinks she’s been hypercritical having been giving Ruby advice about not sleeping with Xavier.

Angelo also wants to know where he stands with Charlie and he is very cool with May during the day. Charlie reluctantly meets with Angelo and admits that she has feelings for him, but isn’t sure that she could cope with the flack the locals would give her if they knew she was with him. Angelo decides he’ll stay with May then, but also says he’d ditch her for Charlie any day if she got her act together.

Belle is working in the diner when she has a sudden dizzy spell. She can see where Colleen is going with her questions, and quickly explains that she isn’t pregnant. Later on she doubles over in pain and Colleen is there to catch her. It’s obvious that Belle is very unwell, but she simply states to Colleen that its because she hasn’t eaten yet. Belle is evidently more worried then she’s letting on however, and she phones Rachel to make an appointment.

Geoff is forced to admit to Claudia that her ex, Lachie, has threatened to smash him in their rugby clash today. Claudia tries in vain to talk Geoff out of playing, but Geoff believes he can handle himself, and refuses to let his team mates down. He tells her that she shouldn’t come to the game – if Lachie sees her then it will just encourage him all the more.

Aden is very apprehensive about doing business with the bookie Clint, but Clint assures him that he won’t have to throw today’s rugby game, or even give points away against his team. All Aden has to do is concede the first penalty and he will get back the ring he bought for Belle. Despite his anxiety at kick off, Aden focuses on the task at hand and skilfully gives away the first penalty and Clint, who is in the crowd, is pleased. A relieved Aden then turns his attention to trying to win the game.

All game Lachie and Geoff eye each other off, and despite Geoff’s wishes, Claudia turns up. Lachie sees her and things get rather heated. However with only minutes to go, it’s Geoff who turns the tables on Lachie by crunching him in a hard, but legal tackle. Lachie is left on the ground with no feeling in his legs!

Scene cut from episode:
Charlie’s secret appears safe until Colleen lets slip to Ruby that Charlie’s working too hard as she saw her on the beach in uniform at first light.

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