Episode 4871

Australian Air Date: 8th June 2009
UK Air Date: 22nd June 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Miles’ family is threatened, and Roman’s life is in danger, when Gardy realises he’s been doublecrossed. Nicole and Trey take their relationship to a new level.


Extended Summary

Gardy has ensured Roman’s compliance by threatening to harm Nicole, and Roman now finds himself as part of a team Gardy’s assembled to rob the Mangrove Wharf warehouse. Desperate to see the plot aborted, Roman manages to take along his mobile phone, and, as the attack party are making final plans to raid the warehouse he sends a text message to Miles asking him to anonymously call the police and alert them to the raid.

Miles never warmed to Gardy, but after Roman confided in him his history with Gardy, Miles at least understood the hold Gardy has over him. Gardy, suspecting Miles has been made aware of this history, wasted little time in telling Miles that if does anything to get in Gardy’s way he’ll hurt Kirsty, Jai and Ollie. Miles’ instincts tell him to go straight to the cops, but Roman and Gardy’s threats keep him silent. Over dinner in the Diner, Miles tells his family to stay away from Gardy – Kirsty says that if Gardy is as dangerous as Miles is making out, then they should be going to the police. Miles explains that they’re going to do things Roman’s way. On cue, Roman’s text message arrives and Miles heads to the payphone to anonymously tip off Harper at the police station.

As Gardy gives the order to attack the warehouse, the police arrive and the raid is called off. Gardy is suspicious of Roman – convinced he somehow tipped off the cops. The next morning, Roman sees Miles, who tells him that the only way this is going to end is if Roman gets Gardy behind bars. Roman remains defiant that he can deal with Gardy, but Miles gives him a deadline of one day. If Gardy isn’t out of the picture by then, Miles is going to the police to protect his own family. Roman suddenly realises he left his phone at home, with the incriminating message he sent to Miles still in his ‘Sent’ box. He runs home to pick it up before Gardy finds out but he’s too late – Nicole is ringing Roman’s phone which alerts Gardy to its whereabouts, and he discovers the text message Roman sent to Miles. Furious, Gardy hits Roman and knocks him unconscious.

Nicole has been staying with Ruby since Gardy moved in with Roman, and while she appreciates everything Ruby and the others do to make her feel at home – it isn’t her home, and she wants her former existence back. When VJ destroys one of her assignments by knocking over some OJ in the diner, it’s the last straw for Nicole who decides to have it out with Roman and try to get Gardy out of their lives once and for all. Trey offers to accompany Nicole over to see Roman, but when they arrive he isn’t home, and Nicole decides to use the privacy of being alone in her own house – to make love with Trey.

Gardy finds Jai in the diner and asks him to give a smashed mobile phone to Miles. He does so and Miles recognises the phone as Roman’s – he realises that Gardy has worked out that Roman has sold him out and, fearing for Roman’s life, heads off to see Charlie. He explains to her that Gardy forced Roman into committing the robberies and threatened both of their families. Charlie organises protection for Miles, Kirsty and the kids and for a patrol car to pick up Nicole from the school. Roman finally stirs, only to find that Gardy has dragged him back to the warehouse, where he explains that he and Roman are going to finish the job they started – committing the warehouse the robbery in broad daylight. If Roman refuses, then Gardy has a shotgun cartridge with Nicole’s name on it.

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