Episode 4827

Australian Air Date: 7th April 2009
UK Air Date: 21st April 2009

Rachel reveals that Roman could have brain damage. Xavier protects Brendan from being busted. Charlie tells Joey she can’t act on her feelings for her.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Back at home with Brendan, and after talking to a distressed Martha, Xavier learns that no one seems to know who caused the accident. Hugo arrives home and offers to drive Martha to the hospital, but looks suspicious when he hears Brendan mention the word “crash”. Xavier swears Brendan to secrecy, making sure he doesn’t tell anyone he caused the accident.Brendan reveals that, in the commotion of fleeing the scene, he dropped the slingshot. Xavier panics – there’s evidence out there that it was Brendan who caused the accident. The following morning he visits the crime scene but cannot locate the slingshot and hides behind bushes when the police arrive. Later, Xavier loses his temper with Brendan when he cannot grasp the need for secrecy, but realising it’s not Brendan’s fault he apologises and promises not to let anything happen to him.

Roman is rushed to hospital and after carrying out tests, Rachel is quick to reveal that Roman has to go in for surgery. It becomes apparent after the surgery that they won’t know the outcome until Roman wakes up. The following day VJ insists on accompanying Leah to the hospital and whilst there VJ confides that he didn’t mean the things he said about Roman and doesn’t want Roman to die like Dan did. Roman is put into a medically induced coma in order to prevent the swelling around his brain. Later, Rachel has more bad news for Leah and Nicole – there’s a strong possibility that Roman could have brain damage.

Charlie walks through the door after a few days away, while Joey jokes that she thought she’d never come home. But Charlie needed to figure some things out. Joey takes this to mean that Charlie has answer so she asks the question – does Charlie love her or not. They are interupted by news of Leah and Roman’s accident, and Charlie further avoids the subject by leaving the house early the next morning to begin the investigation to find the culprit that smashed Leah’s window. Brett has dropped in to apologise to Joey about his wrongful support of Robbo and wants to mend things with her, he believes that this is the time for brother and sister to move to another town and start a new life. Joey tells him she cannot give him an answer until she has heard back on something else – obviously alluding to Charlie. Charlie arrives home with lunch and assures Joey she hasn’t been trying to avoid her. Charlie’s response to Joey’s feelings is clear – she has strong feelings for Joey but Charlie has decided not to act on those feelings, because she has never seen herself as gay before. Joey announces that she can’t be around Charlie and with Brett’s offer still hanging in the air, Joey decides to move out of Charlie’s place leaving Charlie devastated with this outcome.

Xavier takes Brendan to the beach, where he meets up with Ruby. Brendan spots Trey on the beach carrying his slingshot and is distraught, wanting his stick back. As Trey insults Brendan, Ruby remembers that she saw him with it at the Beach Party the previous night, and puts two and two together. Ruby rushes home to tell Charlie of her theory and Charlie takes this a lead in the investigation.

Scenes cut from Episode:
– Leah and Roman are recovering from their car accident. With glass shattered everywhere and Roman not moving Leah is terrified.
– Shortly after, on the beach, Trey grabs Brendan slingshot stick.

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