Episode 4823

Australian Air Date: 1st April 2009
UK Air Date: 15th April 2009

Charlie is confused after her kiss with Joey. Belle uses Aden’s gift as collateral. Who is Leah hiding in her bedroom?


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Making her way from the kitchen late at night, Leah is met by Charlie and Joey arriving home. Distracted with their own dilemma they don’t register the fact she is holding two glasses of water and heading for the bedroom. We follow Leah and find Roman in her bed. The two laugh over the fact they are hiding and can’t believe they haven’t been sprung.

Reeling after their encounter with Robbo, Charlie has brought a very confused Joey back to Leah’s house. Desperate for answers over the kiss they shared Joey begs Charlie to tell her what it meant. But Charlie doesn’t have the answer. She retires for the night leaving Joey hanging. The next morning Charlie avoids Joey and heads off to work, telling her they can talk at lunch time – Charlie will call her.

When she doesn’t hear from Charlie, Joey turns up at the police station and Charlie is instantly wary of what may be construed by her presence. After telling Joey she didn’t get a break for lunch, Joey spots her half eaten lunch and is crushed. Charlie apologises telling Joey this isn’t the place to talk. They will talk tonight at the house. As Joey leaves Robbo makes a comment about ‘the couple’ and Charlie loses it. At the house that night, Joey confesses that she is in love with Charlie. Charlie tells an expectant Joey that she needs to think about things, and she can’t do it around Joey. Joey makes her think differently, feel differently. Charlie is going to visit her father Ross for a few days. Desperate for Charlie not to leave and craving her affection Joey reluctantly accepts. Just what will Charlie decide?

Aden discovers a sluggish Belle, barely able to get out of bed. She tells him she’s just out of sync after losing her job (she’s really coming down from a high). Aden assures her a day at the farm helping Martha will lift her spirits. Later in the Diner, Belle is preoccupied with sending a text (to her dealer) and is told by Colleen that she can’t pick up her pay till the afternoon when Irene and Leah are in. Belle is instantly panicked and begs Colleen for the cash, but Colleen refuses. Belle shoots a look at the till but is interrupted by Nicole. Belle receives a text back and rushes out leaving Nicole to wonder whether her erratic mood is the result of more drug use.

Hugo, Geoff and Aden are helping Martha renovate the farm, a particularly moving experience for Geoff, who observes how much it has changed since his Grandfather passed away. Later, Tony, Rachel, Alf, Roman and Leah arrive to help out further. Rachel notices that Leah has been a lot happier recently and asks if this is anything to do with Roman. Leah diverts the question, but when the pair are later caught kissing behind a grass verge, their relationship is exposed. Tony and Rachel ask Martha if they can use the farm as their wedding venue, and Martha happily agrees. Later, back at Martha’s house, Roman tells Nicole about his new relationship with Leah, and she gives them her blessing.

Belle meets up with Bernie and Russal and uses the necklace Aden gave her to secure some more pills. She tells them she will be back with her pay that afternoon to swap for the necklace, which Aden later notices that she isn’t wearing. When Belle returns they tell her they have pawned the necklace. Belle is stunned. Meanwhile Nicole has seen the necklace in a pawn shop and told Aden. Eventually we find Belle on the phone to the pawn shop desperately trying to get the necklace back. She is told it has been sold.

Aden arrives home and Belle feigns innocence at his accusation that she seems upset. He then pulls out the necklace and Belle is left reeling and with a lot of explaining to do.