Episode 4533

Australian Air Date: 24th October 2007

Martha’s discovery about George places her in peril. Viv takes her flirtations with Ric to the next level. Tony and Fitzy race to uncover the truth about the robbery.

Extended Summary

Sam is devastated by the sight of Jack being rushed into the hospital, barely clinging to life. Family and friends soon gather, waiting on tenterhooks for the news on whether Jack will pull through. Although the surgery goes well, Jack is left comatose.

Back at the police station, George is giving his statement to McGrath and Fitzy about what happened at the bank. His version of events lays the blame for robbery squarely on Jack’s shoulders. But while his story is persuasive, Fitzy refuses to accept it at face value. She goes to Tony in the hope he might know something that might clear Jack’s name. Meanwhile, Martha has realised George was the other person she overheard talking during the robbery.

Intent on silencing her, George corners her in the apartment, but Fitzy arrives just in time to save her from harm. George tries to deny everything, but Fitzy soon discovers his connections with Colin Marshall and brings him to justice. While Jack is cleared of any involvement in the robbery, he remains in the coma – his life hanging in the balance.

At Summer Bay House, Ric’s plans to take Alf to the hospital for his operation have been thrown into disarray. Vivian Anderson, a client of the garage that Rick works at has demanded his immediate services to fix her car. Ric reluctantly agrees, much to Matilda’s annoyance. Whilst working on the car, Ric loses his patience with Viv and gives her a piece of his mind. However, his outburst merely serves to pique her interest in him.

Whilst relaxing out in the BBQ area, Ric feels a pair of hands suddenly working his shoulders. He assumes it’s Mattie, giving him a much-needed massage, and he quickly melts into it. The encounter starts to heat up, with Ric feeling her lips pressed against his neck. However, when he turns around, he’s stunned by the sight of Viv standing beside him, clearly intent on seducing him.

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