Episode 4532

Australian Air Date: 23rd October 2007

Irene takes on the bank to help Annie and Geoff. Martha goes on the warpath to free Michael. Will George’s devious scheme claim the life of a Summer Bay favourite?

Extended Summary

Irene steps in to help Annie and Geoff save the farm. Although she manages to squeeze some sympathy from the bank manager, the best he can do is give them one more day to find the money. Michael tries to sell his own property to raise the money, but fails. However, he does manage to earn Alf’s respect. He also manages to talk the bank into allowing the children to remove some of their personal possessions from the farm. It’s a gut-wrenching moment for the children, as they say their final farewells to the home they love…

Having been dragged into the police station for breaking and entering, Martha realises her plan to help Annie and Geoff has had serious repercussions for Michael. Since he has potentially breached his parole, he could be sent back to prison. Desperate to clear him, Martha seeks out the bank manager, pleading for him not to press charges. But her pleas are interrupted when the bank is held up by a masked robber – Colin Marshall. When George enters soon after, under the pretence of arresting the robber, the pair joins forces to rob the safe. However, they’re unaware that Martha is hidden nearby and has overheard their conversation.

Fleeing down a side alley, George double-crosses Colin as he gets into a car, George shoots him dead. Jack, however, has witnessed this and realises George is in on the robbery. Hoping to silence Jack, George guns him down and then claims it was Colin’s doing. Moments later, a horrified Martha arrives to find Jack’s lifeless body. Will he survive?

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