Episode 4525

Australian Air Date: 12th October 2007

Geoff is thrilled to be offered a place on a city football team. Geoff and Bruce finally reconcile, but will it be too late? Jack goes out of his way to help George. Jonah challenges Martha to admit her real feelings for him.

Extended Summary

Geoff has agreed to put himself up for selection in a city football team. The big match is this afternoon but when Geoff learns that his grandad will have to stay on the farm to work, he decides to pull out. Tony and Bruce persuade Geoff to play, and he travels to the city with Tony. Annie’s pleased for her brother, but she’s also trying to hide her dismay – if he plays well, he’ll get picked for the team and move to the city. Lucas is the only one who realises how upset she is, but Annie makes him promise not to say anything – she’s determined to support Geoff any way she can.

Geoff lines up with the team to play, but his heart isn’t in it. Realising the problem, Tony goes back to the farm to get Bruce. And seeing his grandad does the trick – Geoff finds his confidence and plays brilliantly. Clearly he’s got a big future ahead of him as a sports star. But for Geoff the real win is the fact that his grandfather gives his blessing. Finally there’s a touching reconciliation between Geoff and Bruce. Annie’s no less proud of her brother, but she’s also battling to hide her fear. Is she going to lose contact with Geoff once he moves to the city?

Jack’s no less uneasy. He’s hoping that his partner is going to stay straight, but George’s past catches up with him when he arrests a drug-dealer who threatens to tell McGrath some unsavoury facts about George’s history of being on the take. Jack covers for George, determined to keep their partnership above board. But George takes it as a sign that Jack is open to manipulation. Whatever it is George has got planned for Jack, it clearly isn’t legal…

Meanwhile, Martha is unsettled about her growing feels for Jonah. She agrees to join him out on the farm to help Bruce and Annie prepare a fence, but working together only builds Martha’s anxiety and she ends up fighting with Jonah. Not that he’s about to back down. Martha tries to walk away but Jonah forces her to admit her feelings for him. They stare at each other, the air charged with tension…until finally they can’t stop themselves from grabbing each other in a passionate kiss…

After the footy match, Geoff rejoins Lucas, Pop and Annie building the fence. Geoff’s more relaxed than we’ve ever seen him, loving the new peace between him and his grandad, proud of what he’s achieved. But his world falls apart when Bruce collapses. Geoff rushes to his pop’s side, cradling him in his arms – but it’s too late. Bruce is dead.

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