Episode 4524

Australian Air Date: 11th October 2007

Martha hears that Jack’s partner George is on the take and she is furious. When Jack confronts George, he learns what’s driving his criminal behaviour. Meanwhile, Martha is confused by her growing feelings for Jonah.

Extended Summary

Jack’s backed himself into a corner, and he’s not happy. His new partner George is on the take, and he’s forced Jack to stay quiet by threatening to expose him for stealing evidence. Hating himself, Jack watches as George heavies Jonah, forcing him to hand over $200 to avoid being sent back before the parole board. And when Martha discovers the truth, she’s furious. Fronting Jack, she makes it clear that she’s disgusted with him – and if he doesn’t do something to stop George, she’ll have no choice but to report him.

Jack’s got to do something – and he finally makes his move when he suspects Lewis and George of being involved in a dodgy deal. After seeing them both enter a house, Jack confronts George – he’s blowing the whistle, and he doesn’t care anymore if he goes down with George. Jack’s fired up, but a child’s voice cuts in: “Daddy, what’s going on?” It’s Jesse, George’s eleven-year-old daughter. Jack’s stunned to learn that Jesse suffers a debilitating physical disability and is wheelchair-bound. Lewis steps forward to point out that he’s here as Jesse’s doctor, and this is George’s private property. Leaving Jack no choice but to apologise and back off.

Back at the station, Jack confronts George – why didn’t he tell anyone he’s got a sick daughter? He learns about the struggle George has had a single parent. The ongoing medical bills have left him in debt, and there are never enough hours in the day to work and look after Jesse. Jack’s sympathetic, but understanding why George needs extra money doesn’t excuse his behaviour. George pleads for Jack to turn a blind eye but Jack insists and finally George relents, agreeing that he’ll stay straight from now on. Leaving an uneasy Jack to hope he’s telling the truth…

Meanwhile Martha is confused by her growing feelings for Jonah (she is even now calling him Michael). How can she feel anything but hate for this man who once terrorised her? But the tightening bond between them is undeniable, and when she hears Alf and Irene attacking Jonah she goes on the attack herself, surprising them with her passionate defence. Even so, Martha’s clearly uneasy. Is she ready to trust Jonah, is he more and more like the changed Michael that he says he is?

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