Episode 4523

Australian Air Date: 10th October 2007

Sam and Lewis clash at work, and she’s stunned when he threatens her. Drew struggles to get back on his feet after losing his car, his job and his inheritance. Tam plays cupid – leading Sally to believe that Brad is planning to move back in with her.

Extended Summary

Brad does his best to apologise to Tam for accusing her of stealing from him. He has to work hard to win her trust, but he’s heartened when she agrees to go to the hospital with him to visit Pippa. Meanwhile, Sam’s relieved to learn that Rachel has broken off her relationship with Lewis. Rachel knows she’s doing the right thing – as Lewis’s supervisor, a relationship isn’t appropriate. And now she’s learnt that Lewis slept with the other intern, Marie, it only makes her decision clearer. But she can’t deny that it’s difficult to resist his charms…

Sam, however, isn’t finding it difficult at all. She clashed with Lewis last week over the treatment of a patient, and found him arrogant. And when they disagree over the treatment of an elderly patient, Mrs James, tension quickly escalates. It seems Lewis is in the wrong when Mrs James collapses. With her life in the balance, he’s gutted to realise that one decision could mean the end of his career. And if he was expecting sympathy from Sam, he’s not going to get it. Instead, she makes it clear that she blames herself for not reporting Lewis to the authorities earlier and warns that next time she won’t hesitate.

Lewis pushes back – hard, warning that if she reports him, he’ll go out of his way to life difficult for her at work. He moves off, leaving Sam shaken by his threat. And her day doesn’t get any better when she arrives home to find Rachel and Lewis kissing on the couch, Rachel announcing that she’s resigned as Lewis’s supervisor so she can continue the relationship. As Rachel drags Lewis off to her bedroom Sam’s heart sinks. Should she warn Rachel that Lewis isn’t all he seems?

Drew’s spirits are no higher. He’s got no job, no car and he’s lost the money he inherited from his grandmother. Belle tries to cheer him up, but he’s too far down in the dumps to respond. But when Drew learns there might be a job going at the juice bar, he persuades Alf to give him a try-out. Are things finally looking up for Drew?

At the hospital, meanwhile, Tam watches Brad and Sally together and surprises her brother afterwards by announcing that she can tell he’s still in love with Sally. Brad makes a half-hearted denial, but Tam doesn’t believe him. Playing cupid, she’s quick to tell Sally that Brad’s still crazy about her. Sally’s stunned – and hopeful. Visiting Brad, she makes a tentative offer for him to move back home. And it seems that he’s thinking along the same lines. But what she doesn’t realise is that Brad is on a different track altogether – he’s decided to make a proper home for him and Tam and he’s rented a townhouse. When Sally realises her mistake, she’s left trying to cover her sharp disappointment…

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