Episode 4521

Australian Air Date: 8th October 2007

After the shocking accident, Pippa’s life hangs in the balance. Will she survive? Sally is terrified of losing her little girl and attacks Alf who is already sick with guilt and anxiety.

Extended Summary

Alf stands back, watching in horror as a frantic Sally comforts Pippa. The little girl is in shock and pain – and Sally’s heart fails when the ambos confirm the seriousness of her injuries. Ric and Cassie follow them to the hospital, but to their distress no one can tell them what’s going on. And when news comes, it’s not good. Pippa’s injuries are life threatening, and Rachel steps forward in the battle to save the little girl’s life.

Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Alf gives the news to Brad, who rushes to Sally’s side, offering her what comfort he can. But Sally’s lost in her world of dread, and when Pippa is rushed off to emergency surgery, her world starts to collapse – she’s already lost Flynn. Is she now going to lose their precious daughter?

Brad and Ric try to comfort Alf, pointing out that the accident wasn’t his fault – he had no way of knowing that Pippa was behind the Ute. But Alf is riven with self-loathing and anxiety and refuses to accept their comfort.

Geoff was at the hospital visiting Annie when Pippa was rushed in, and he’s moved by the fear and anxiety in all those who wait for news. He offers to lead a prayer, but an awkward Cassie gently puts him off. But when a distraught Sally attacks Alf, Geoff does what he can to offer comfort and hope, offering a prayer that we hear over a montage that ends in Sally and Brad standing wordlessly by Pippa’s empty bed as they begin the grim wait for her to come out of theatre…

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