Episode 4520

Australian Air Date: 5th October 2007

A careless accident shocks Sally to her core. Martha realises her true feelings for Jonah – but is it too late? Sam makes an unsettling discovery about Rachel’s new man.

Extended Summary

Rachel arrives late for work after her passionate night with Lewis. As she introduces herself to her to the three new interns, she’s shocked to discover Lewis is one of them! Lewis is equally surprised to see her, but he soon sees the funny side of the situation, furtively flirting with her whenever possible. After a revealing discussion with the other intern, Marie, Sam tracks down Rachel and tells her the bad news – Marie knows Rachel slept with Lewis. What’s worse – Lewis also slept with Marie! Rachel is left unsure if she can trust this guy.

Having discovered Annie has run away, Martha, Lucas and Geoff head to the farm to check on her. However, they’re surprised to learn that Bruce sent the girl away last night. Geoff is shocked by Bruce’s apparent lack of concern over her disappearance. But while they argue, Jonah takes it upon himself to search the farm for any sign of her. Eventually he finds her lying in a paddock, practically comatose.

Rushed to the hospital, Annie is diagnosed with pleurisy. But it’s her refusal to speak that has Rachel stumped. Meanwhile, Bruce is stubbornly refusing to visit, so Martha pleads with Jonah for help. However, when Jonah confronts Bruce on the issue, he discovers the old man is convinced he is dying and so thinks his grandkids are better off without him. Jonah manages to get through to him in the end, and it’s Bruce’s arrival at the hospital that leads to Annie finding her voice once more. However, Irene takes issue with Bruce’s decision to let Annie move back to the farm. Irene doesn’t think it’s safe for Annie to stay on the farm with Jonah working there. Martha thinks this is overacting, but Irene stands her ground. With Annie’s best interests in mind, Jonah says he’ll leave the farm and the Bay. Irene is totally surprised by the gesture, while Martha is left troubled by how much she hates the idea of him moving away.

When Jonah comes to the Surf Club to say his farewells, Martha tells him she thinks what he’s doing is incredibly good and noble. Deep down she wants him to stay, but she can’t bring herself to say it. Instead, she lets him walk out of her life.

Meanwhile, Alf has been copping grief from Mrs Cronin over the fact Alf’s Ute is blocking her caravan. Since Alf isn’t allowed to drive because of his eye problem, he initially refuses her requests to move it. However, after constant badgering from her, he finally agrees. However, as he’s reversing the vehicle, Pippa has come up behind and bent over to pick up her doll and is knocked to the ground. A distraught Sally rushes towards her baby… Will Pippa survive?

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