Episode 4506

Australian Air Date: 17th September 2007

When Martha’s car has run out of petrol on a deserted country road, she is horrified to come face to face with Jonah. Meanwhile, Annie is devastated when Bruce collapses. Can she persuade him to make a new start in their relationship?

Extended Summary

Martha’s car has run out of petrol on a deserted country road, and she is horrified to come face to face with Jonah. Backing away, locking herself in the car, she threatens to call the police. To Martha’s relief, he leaves. Shaking, she rings Jack for help, but after their “goodbye” kiss lat week, Jack’s determined to push under his feelings for Martha and he ignores her call. If only he knew that Jonah has returned…

Struggling to hide her fear, Martha warns Jonah off, and is stunned when he drops off a can of petrol and drives away. Irene also arrives to help Martha, they discuss what it means. When did Jonah get out of jail? Is he planning to start up the cult, the Believers, again – and was it coincidence that he crossed paths with Martha?

The answer to the last question seems clear when Jack busts Jonah spying on Martha a short distance up the road. Back at the Diner, Alf, Irene and Martha are shocked when Jack brings Jonah in, standing watch as Jonah explains that he’s only back in town to sell Mamma Rose’s farm; he’s been out of a jail for a few weeks and has landed a job labouring on a nearby farm. Explaining that he never meant to frighten Martha – he was only waiting up the road to pick up the petrol can that he borrowed – Jonah seems resigned as he’s met with hostility. He urges Martha to let him explain why he helped Mamma Rose to hurt her, but Martha cuts him dead.

Jonah leaves, and Martha hopes it’s the last she’ll see of him. But that illusion’s shattered when Jonah grabs her in the carpark, desperately asking her to listen to what he’s got to say. Terrified, Martha fights him off and escapes. Clearly Jonah wants something from her – and he’s not going to stop until he gets it…

Annie’s having no luck getting through to Geoff. They haven’t seen Pop for weeks now – since he pulled a gun on Lucas – and she misses him terribly. She wants to go out to the farm to check on him, also hopes she can persuade him to let them move home. Geoff is stubborn, refusing to let her go out there until their grandad apologises to them. Annie reluctantly agrees to stay away. But when Bruce ends up in hospital after collapsing, she takes matters in her own hands and visits the old man. She’s taken aback to see his frailty, and for a second it seems as if Bruce might have softened a little towards her.

But when Geoff enters, the sparks are quick to fly. Geoff offers to come home and help on the farm – but only on the condition that Bruce apologises and lets the kids lead their own lives and go to school. Bruce’s gaze is hard as he makes it clear he won’t forgive the kids for leaving the farm – not now, not ever. As he speaks, a stranger enters the room and Bruce introduces him as Michael, the farmhand he’s hired to run the farm. Geoff is stunned and hurt when Bruce makes it clear that Michael is now his right-hand man.

It seems Bruce is bent on punishing Geoff and Annie. But what none of the Campbells realise is that Michael isn’t who he says he is. Michael is in fact Jonah!