Episode 4505

Australian Air Date: 14th September 2007

Jack finally reveals where his true feelings lie. Martha is horrified when someone from her past returns to the Bay. In the face of Drew’s rejection, Jazz decides to fight dirty.

Extended Summary

Jazz continues to try to mend the rift with Drew. However, her appeals fall on deaf ears – Drew is still too angry in the face of her betrayal over the Will. Nevertheless, he decides to give her a share of the money. But before he can arrange this, Jazz resorts to extreme measures and issues him with a summons. She now plans to contest the Will and take back every last cent of the inheritance. Drew is in for one hell of a fight…

Meanwhile, Jack has been blaming Martha for their failed counselling session with Dan. She responds by challenging Jack to be honest about his feelings – would they have had a chance together if Sam hadn’t come back to town? He eventually admits to Martha he does still have deep feeling for her. However, every time they’ve tried to mend their relationship, it’s been a disaster. Jack now thinks he has to move on, and that Sam is his future. He suggests he and Martha should get a court order that will negate the need to go through further counselling. Martha agrees and they seal the deal with a final, passionate kiss. Despite the love they have for each other, this is goodbye…

In need of some downtime after this emotional rollercoaster, Martha borrows Alf’s ute and heads out of town for a few days. But she doesn’t get far before she runs out of fuel. When a car pulls over, Martha is stunned by who’s behind the wheel…it’s Jonah!

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