Episode 4504

Australian Air Date: 13th September 2007

Brad finally decides whether or not he has a future with Sally. Geoff is dealt some devastating news. Martha and Jack’s counselling session has startling results.

Extended Summary

Having been rushed to hospital, Geoff is devastated to learn he can’t play in tonight’s grand final. Luc and Brad feel terrible that Geoff will miss his big chance to impress the selector. What makes matters even worse, Geoff’s team later loses the game. Luc tries to apologise to Tony for the part he played in this mess, but Tony is less than forgiving. Lucas is left feeling totally misunderstood by his dad.

When Sally learns of the accident, she seeks out Brad. He’s wracked with guilt and Sally provides him with a much needed shoulder to cry on. It’s the first time Brad’s been open with her in a long time and Sally is left feeling more positive about their future. She asks him again to move home, and this time he says he’ll consider it. However, Sally later comes home to find Brad removing more of his belongings. He tells her he’s decided it’s impossible to pick up from where they left off. He’s leaving, and he’s also resigning from work. Sally is devastated all over again.

Meanwhile, Martha and Jack have talked Dan into giving them marriage counselling (a necessary part of the divorce process.) Although Martha still has feelings for Jack, she’s resigned herself to the fact she’s lost him. Jack, however, is eager to get the divorce finalized so that he can get on with his life with Sam. However, after the session, Dan refuses to sign off on the counselling certificate. In his view, they still have unresolved issues and need further counselling. Martha and Jack are stunned…