Episode 4470

Australian Air Date: 27th July 2007

Just as Drew starts to warm to his mum we learn the shocking real reason why she has come to the Bay. Sparks fly between Matilda and her new flatmate when Martha is less than impressed with her early days of sharing an apartment with Matilda. Brad and Fisher start to work together and Fisher immediately pulls rank on Brad.

Extended Summary

Brad is finding it more difficult than he imagined coming to terms with losing out on the Deputy Principal position to Donald Fisher. He believes that the teaching profession has changed a lot in the 5 years that Don has been away and that the students will find him too old fashioned to relate to him. It’s only after he sees Fisher take an interest in Annie’s learning difficulties and sees how well Annie responds to his, albeit slightly old fashioned approach, that Brad grudgingly accepts Sally’s assertions that Don is a very good teacher. But when Fisher pulls rank on Brad and calls a meeting to radically overhaul the school’s remedial reading program that we get the distinct impression that it won’t be too long before there’s going to be a major clash between Don and Brad over how things should be done at Summer Bay High.

Matilda has moved into the Diner Apartment with Martha and is enjoying her new found freedom. Ric has been spending a lot of his time over there with her and they both love it, but Martha is finding it a little more difficult to deal with. It seems to her like she has two new flatmates rather than one. Problems escalate when Martha is the victim of some of the age old annoyances of sharing – there’s no milk for her coffee, her breakfast cereal is used up and not replaced, and there’s no hot water left for her shower. There’s also the matter of a blaring TV keeping her awake too. Martha complains and Matilda and Ric are taken aback at the ferocity of Martha’s annoyance. It’s Alf who realizes that it’s more than Matilda and Ric who Martha’s upset with and Martha admits she’s hurt that Sam and Jack are getting along so well. Martha apologises to Matilda and Ric, and peace is restored in the Diner Apartment.

Belle is still not speaking to Drew after he swapped the much sought after concert tickets for a new exhaust system for his car. Drew has done everything he can, including multiple apologies and grovelling, to win her back, but Belle won’t budge. She really wanted to see that band and Drew knew it, this screw-up is a relationship buster for her. Drew, with spare time on his hands, is spending some of it with Jazz Drew starts to realise that maybe his mum does genuinely love him after all. But it’s when Jazz manages to secure him two more tickets to the concert Drew realises just what she can do knowing that getting those tickets meant so much to him. Belle is delighted that she’ll be able to see the band after all, and begrudgingly forgives Drew. He has another surprise for her. He found an old, but very beautiful, pendent on a chain, when he was rummaging amongst the boxes in the shed and he wants Belle to wear it to the concert. Belle loves it and Drew feels his life is back on track. It’s only when Jazz meets a solicitor, Dane, at the end of the day that we learn a terrible secret that Jazz has been concealing from Drew, he’s the sole beneficiary of his Grandmother’s will.

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