Episode 4469

Australian Air Date: 26th July 2007

When Drew puts his car ahead of Belle yet again, it looks like their relationship is over. Brad and Sally argue about their wedding plans.

Extended Summary

Sally is delighted to discover that her mentor and old school Principal, the long retired Donald Fisher, is back in town, and a round of catch up chats and introductions begin – a lot has happened in the five years Don’s been away. Alf is particularly happy to have his old mate back and Don’s delighted to learn that Sally and Brad are going to be married. Most of Don’s own news is tinged with sadness. He’s split from his wife June and his former partner Marilyn has breast cancer. Sadly, due to a failed investment in a resort, he’s also broke. He’s not sure how long he’s going to stay in town, but he knows one thing, he can’t stay anywhere for long without earning some money, and he asks Sally for a teaching position back at Summer Bay High.

Meanwhile Sally’s on the back of the Department to make a decision on who is going to be appointed her Deputy Principal. Everyone except Brad is convinced it will be him – after all there’s no one around with anywhere near his experience. Sadly when the decision is finally made Brad misses out on the gig, and to his surprise and chagrin it’s Don Fisher who is offered the job.

Belle isn’t happy that Drew’s spending so much time working on his car and so little time with her, but she’s prepared to forgive all when he surprises her with front row tickets to a sold out concert featuring their favourite band. Belle can even cope when she learns that Jazz actually secured the tickets for them. She’s hanging out for the gig. Sadly, Drew is also hanging out for a new exhaust system for his car and when Dom finds him one, it is way out of his price range. As Dom won’t accept part payments Drew has to pass on the deal until Dom learns that Drew has a couple of those hot concert tickets. When Dom proposes to swap the exhaust system for the tickets Drew hesitates, but only briefly, he can see a great deal – the exhaust system is worth four times the face value of the tickets. Despite bringing Belle a present and promising her an expensive dinner out, Belle is furious to learn what Drew has done. As usual he’s put his car ahead of her. So upset is Belle that Drew asks Jazz to see if she can get replacement tickets.

Preparations for Sally and Brad’s wedding are progressing way too slowly for Brad. He and Sally can’t even decide on the size of the event or even if it’ll be in a church. It’s Leah who questions Sally on why she’s dragging her heels on things. Sally feels she’s done the big wedding the first time round and wants this to be a smaller celebration. Leah points out that Brad wants to make a big day of it as his first time was very small. Sally and reluctant Brad decide to set the wedding details aside for the moment.