Episode 4468

Australian Air Date: 25th July 2007

Rory is missing and his life is in danger as Deeks has escaped from gaol. Jack’s efforts to find and rescue Rory will see him on the brink of losing his job. A surprise visitor turns up in the diner, but why is he back in town?

Extended Summary

Alf can’t find Rory anywhere. Rory didn’t complete the task Alf set him and it all seems a bit odd, until a frantic Jack turns up looking for the boy. Shane Deeks has escaped from jail and may be in the Bay. Jack needs to know Rory is safe. Alf and Martha feel guilty, they don’t know where Rory is. While police guard Sam at Jack’s house, Jack sets out to track down Rory. A witness relates that they saw a boy get into a green panel van near where Rory was supposed to be helping out with the surf club clean up. An extensive police search is commenced to find the boy, and road blocks are set up to try to snare the green van. Finally a breakthrough, a green van is reported stolen and the police now know the number plates they are searching for.

Martha, feeling bad, as Jack had left Rory in her care, visits Sam. This is not an easy step for Martha who has found it difficult having Sam back in Jack’s life, as she had felt that she and Jack were getting close to a reconciliation. That now no longer seems on the cards. Sam is inconsolable. She knows Shane will do anything to get to her, and knows that the best way to hurt her is through her son.

When the van is spotted at the boat wharf, Jack and Fitzgerald head down there to investigate. They arrive to find Deeks leaving a fishing boat before returning to the van. Shane spots the patrol car and takes off with Jack in pursuit. The water police are left to intercept the boat which has set sail. Jack is determined to rescue Rory, and the high speed chase that ensues reaches critical speeds. McGrath calls the chase off and while one police car drops off, Jack refuses to give up, at least until he discovers that Rory isn’t on the boat and may well be in the van. Jack, not wanting to put Rory’s life at risk, finally backs off from the pursuit, but it’s too late. Shane loses control of the van, crashes, and is killed. A frantic search of the van fails to reveal any sign of the boy. But the vehicle is packed with food for a month or more. Three passports, one for Rory, Shane and a woman called Bron are also discovered. It seems that Shane was looking to take Rory overseas on the fishing boat. Jack realizes that if Rory isn’t on the boat, or in the van, then he must be back somewhere at the Marina. He returns to find McGrath there. He wants Jack off the case, but Jack won’t have a bar of it. When Bron is brought ashore Jack confronts her. She denies even knowing Shane, but finally confesses when Jack tells her they have the passports. Bron admits that Rory had been on the boat but jumped overboard. Bron searched for him, but in vain. A massive search is mounted for Rory both at sea and on land, but it’s Jack who finds him. He’s wet and exhausted, but otherwise well.

Mother and son are reunited, and start to come to terms with not having to always be looking over their shoulders. Martha is happy the boy is safe but fears that Sam will now supplant her in Jack’s life. But Jack has other, more pressing problems of his own to deal with. McGrath believes Jack’s insubordination may cost him his career.