Episode 4467

Australian Air Date: 24th July 2007

Bruce is the prime suspect in Tony’s brutal bashing, but do the police have their man? Sam and Rory return to live with Jack, but before the day is out Rory is missing. Matilda finally finds a new place to live – with Martha!

Extended Summary

Alf discovers Tony lying unconscious on the floor at home and calls an ambulance. Tony’s been bashed and has a fractured cheekbone and concussion, but is still able to inform a very concerned Jack that Bruce Campbell was his attacker. Bruce is hauled in for questioning and, much to his son Geoff’s alarm; he lies to police as to his whereabouts at the time of the attack.

Geoff never thought his Pop was capable of hurting someone, after all it goes against his religious beliefs, but so does lying – and if Pop is capable of one, why not the other? It’s no longer a big stretch for Geoff to imagine it, especially as Pop’s recent behaviour has been so erratic. But Bruce eventually proves his innocence. He had actually been in hospital when the attack occurred. He has a serious heart condition that he’s been keeping secret from Geoff and Annie, and that’s why he didn’t use his alibi earlier. With Bruce cleared, Jack has to look further a field for other potential attackers and settles on a more sinister suspect.

Sam and young Rory have arrived back in the Bay to live in the Hunter House with Jack. When Sam goes off to town for a medical appointment, Jack takes Rory down the beach for a swim. Unfortunately duty calls and the duo don’t get to the beach. Jack has some urgent work to attend to and leaves Rory in the care of a reluctant Martha. It’s while Rory is helping Alf and some lifesavers clean up and check their equipment that he is separated from the group and pushed into the back of a van by Bron a friend of Shane’s. Jack realises too late that Shane, Sam’s psychotic ex- husband is both Tony’s attacker and Rory’s abductor.

Having sought to move in with Ric, at Brad and Sally’s place and been refused, Matilda is looking for a new place to live – somewhere that will afford her a degree of independence. Matilda isn’t interested in bunking at Irene’s and instead searches the classified adverts in the newspaper and calls the local real estate agents to try and find her new place.

Ric tries his best to help out and takes a different approach. With Alf’s help he finally secures the spare room in the Diner apartment for Matilda, who is very excited to be sharing with Martha. Martha, on the other hand, isn’t so keen, but she’ll give it a go.

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