Episode 4466

Australian Air Date: 23rd July 2007

Tony makes a number of enemies and one of them takes revenge on him. Matilda returns to the bay with a plan to move in with Ric, but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Brad finds out what it’s like to be back in the classroom as an ordinary teacher.

Extended Summary

Matilda has returned to the Bay and has dropped a bombshell. She can no longer live in the family home. It holds too many memories for her and without Kit, Beth, and the boys it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. Her plan is to move in with Ric, at Sally and Brad’s place. When Matilda initially asks Brad and Sally for permission to move in, at a hastily convened family meeting, Tony scuttles the debate as the idea hasn’t been fully discussed with him yet. Tony and Lucas are both hurt by Matilda’s decision to leave, but no amount of discussion can change her mind and they eventually become resigned to the fact that she’s going.

It’s Cassie who notices that Ric doesn’t seem to be totally convinced it’s the right thing to do and she confronts him on it. Ric admits it, and Cassie later alerts Matilda that maybe she needs to talk some more with Ric about the plan. When the couple finally settle down and chat about it, Ric reveals why he’s not sure. When Mattie ran off with Reuben and his mates she seemed like a different person to him and he wanted to be sure that the Matilda who was back, was the one he knows and loves. Matilda can understand where he’s coming from – she thinks it’s the end of the plan but Ric tells her that, despite his reservations, because it’s so important to Mattie, he’ll give it a go.

Another family conference is called and all is looking settled until Sally breaks the news – she and Brad don’t think it’s in Matilda’s best interests for her to move in – she just isn’t mature and stable enough at the moment to take such a big step. The decision shatters Matilda and shocks Ric.

Bruce has refused to let Geoff play rugby and has pulled him out of school after Aden got Geoff drunk and locked him in the boot of Tony’s car. Tony responds by kicking Aden off the team and cancelling his gym membership. But Aden doesn’t take things lying down and he and some mates drive out to the Campbell farm at night and tear up one of the paddocks. Incensed, Bruce shoots at the kids, much to the alarm and dismay of Annie and Geoff. It seems to them that their Pop has lost all control and has become capable of anything, perhaps even murder. When Tony finds out about the incident he confronts both Aden and Pop about it. Neither of them is impressed by his “interference” and both threaten him. Tony isn’t winning any popularity prizes, and by the end of the day he’s lying unconscious on the floor at home, having been smashed in the head.

It’s Brad’s first day back at school as just an ordinary teacher and some of the kids mercilessly taunt him over his demotion. Brad thought he’d be able to handle anything that they could throw at him, but he finds out that some of the barbs find their mark. He survives the day, but is very pleased when it’s finally over.

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