Episode 4454

Australian Air Date: 5th July 2007

Drew turns down a job and gets given an ultimatum. Lucas tries to buy a new boat and is accused of deception. Belle’s sent home from work to sober up.

Extended Summary

Dan and Leah break the news to Drew that they have booted Jazz out of the house but he doesn’t seem perturbed. He’s less thrilled about their insistence that he gets a job. It’s Belle who suggests that Drew applies for Kim’s old position at the Gym, and Tony sets up an interview for him. As Drew prepares for his shot at the job Belle drops a key off at Amanda’s house and discovers that the new tenant is Jazz. Drew is attentive and interested as Tony shows him around the Gym and outlines the responsibilities of the position. Drew would only be doing basic duties but could also study at TAFE for his training certificates part-time. Jazz, meanwhile, persuades Belle to christen her new home with her by drinking some champagne and chatting about how intertwined their lives are now that Jazz is living in Belle’s old home.

The tour over Tony offers Drew the job at the Gym but Drew politely turns it down, much to Tony’s consternation. Belle is called in early for her shift at the Diner, and after an early stuff up, is promptly sent home by Irene to sober up. Drew and Belle catch up and swap stories. Drew’s not too keen to learn where his mother’s camped, but Belle has bonded somewhat with Jazz and suggests Drew give her another chance. Drew isn’t keen, but pays his mum a visit anyway and is very surprised when he ends up having the most honest and open conversation with Jazz that he’s ever had. Whether she’s won him over or not isn’t clear, but Jazz has clearly touched him. Drew eventually has to go home and face Dan and Leah. They are appalled that he turned down the Gym job and have had enough. Dan lays down the law. Drew has a week to get a job and start paying board or he’s going back to school. Drew is totally under whelmed.

Lucas wants to make up for sinking Tony’s old boat by buying him another one, and Alf helps find him one. He also suggests that as the boat has a ding on its side, Lucas should haggle the price down. Lucas has to clean out the ding to assess the damage, and is doing that when Geoff happens by. Lucas tries to beat the price down but the boat’s owner knows nothing about the ding and accuses Lucas of putting it there to get the boat cheaper. Jack visits Lucas, the boat owner has complained to the police and has an eyewitness who says Lucas put the ding on the boat. Alf vouches for Lucas, and it’s clear that he has no case to answer, but Lucas has another confrontation with the so called eyewitness, and his arch enemy, Geoff.

Alf feeling his age offers Tony the chance to coach the under 18’s rugby team. Alf tells him they have a great new kid and reckons they can win the comp this year. Tony’s ecstatic. But as Tony goes home to get his gear for his first training session as coach, his new gun player, Geoff, comes face to face with his son, Lucas.

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