Episode 4455

Australian Air Date: 6th July 2007

Alf is shocked by the eye test results. Lucas pulls on his footy boots again and goes head-to-head with Geoff. Naomi changes her story and delivers Brad a knock-out punch. Matilda continues to hang out with Reuben and Ric doesn’t like it one bit.

Extended Summary

It’s the day Alf is to get his eye test results from the specialist and Brad drives him to Yabbi Creek to do it. But later in the morning Ric receives a call from the surgery saying Alf never turned up. When Ric can’t get Brad on his phone he becomes worried and informs Sally. But Alf and Brad return safe and sound and Ric nails Alf over what’s going on. Alf comes clean. He’s sure he has glaucoma and he didn’t want the doctor to actually confirm it – that way he could pretend he wasn’t going blind. Ric convinces Alf to go back with him to at least make another appointment. They catch the Doctor leaving for the day. Alf does have very early stage glaucoma but his real problem is cataracts and they are treatable, through an operation. Alf is relieved and he later apologises for being so hard to live with recently.

Brad has another reason to venture to Yabbi Creek. Naomi has changed her story to the Department. She now insists she told Brad up front all about her relationship with Lucas and he did nothing about it, if accepted by the Department this would surely end Brad’s career. He decides to meet with Naomi, and find out from her why she is doing this. Sally advises him against going but he feels this is something he needs to do. Naomi meets with him and life is going badly for her – she’s changed her story because she needs a good outcome from the inquiry – she’s desperate. There’s no way she’s going to tell the truth. She offers Brad an ultimatum – either he backs up her new story or she will reveal some dirt she has dug up on him to the inquiry, dirt that Brad hasn’t, and can’t, reveal to Sally. Brad is in a bind.

Tony is coaching the school rugby team, Geoff is his star player and Lucas who hates Geoff isn’t happy. Geoff seems to have replaced him in his father’s affections. Lucas, himself a good footballer in his younger days, pulls on the boots again to show that he’s as good as Geoff is. After a couple of encounters Lucas is injured trying to effect a tackle on Geoff. Annie, as usual, is caught in between the two boys. Tony admits that Lucas’ problem is not really with Geoff, but with him and he sets out to resolve it. Tony touchingly opens up to his son – they resolve to find something they both like to do, that they can do together – as they both know Lucas doesn’t want to play football again. Father and son connect for the first time in a long while.

Ric is concerned that Matilda is spending a lot of time with Reuben and his surfer friends. Cassie tries to allay his concerns – Matilda has told her that she’s just trying to have more fun as a way of working through her grief. Ric accepts that, but is far from happy about the situation.

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