Episode 4422

Australian Air Date: 22nd May 2007

Life suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated for Tony. Ric makes a shocking discovery. Summer Bay farewells two of its favourite residents.

Extended Summary

Tony and Naomi are still in bed together when Lucas arrives to give Naomi a present. She successfully gets Lucas to call back later but then has to deal with the reality of having slept with Tony. He’s beside himself with self loathing. When the distraught Tony leaves to go home he doesn’t realise that Ric sees him leaving the van. He gets home to find Amanda there. She’s looking to sell the Gym and offers Tony first right of refusal but he turns it down.

Kit and Matilda think it might be good idea to just buy the gym for Tony seeing as he doesn’t seem to want to take the cash they wanted to give him. Tony is wracked with guilt the entire day and Naomi is feeling wretched too, having slept with Tony and his son.

Lucas pays Naomi another visit to give her his book-present. Naomi doesn’t want to see Lucas but he at least manages to give her the present. He’s despondent though about the reception he gets from her. At home Tony picks up on how down Lucas is and gets him to open up. Lucas just can’t come to terms with the fact that Naomi doesn’t want him around any more and reluctantly tells Tony about his fling with her when he was away at Writers’ Camp. Tony returns to see Naomi, he can’t believe she could sleep with him after having already been with Lucas. Later, Ric confronts Tony about seeing him sneaking out of Naomi’s van and Tony confesses but swears Ric to secrecy. That night Tony feels even worse when the girls tell him they have bought the Gym for him.

Belle sets about arranging her small surprise, farewell party for Amanda and Drew offers to help her. She invites a number of people including Colleen who is sworn to secrecy. Naturally Colleen lets the cat out of the bag and Amanda surprises Belle by refusing the idea of the party. It’s left to Irene to convince her that even if Amanda doesn’t want a send off, Belle and Ryan might need it, and Amanda does a back flip.

In a gesture of goodwill Belle even asks Peter to attend but he declines. But Peter does surreptitiously turn up at the party although only Drew sees him and Drew suspects that his dad is very upset that Amanda is going.

The party over Amanda heads off to the city and straight into a local bar as she feels miserable. Drew, meanwhile, has talked to his dad. He reckons that if Peter still cares about Amanda then he should go after her. Peter eventually turns up beside Amanda in the bar. He wants to spend the rest of his life by her side, and Amanda is delighted.

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