Episode 4421

Australian Air Date: 21st May 2007

Tony turns to a stranger for comfort. Amanda makes a surprise announcement. Lucas buys Naomi a special gift in a bid to win her over.

Extended Summary

Tony is missing Beth badly and struggling to deal with it on his own but he doesn’t have anyone to open up to. He’s forced to conceal his real feelings as he wants to be strong for the sake of the kids. Meanwhile, Kit and Matilda are both shocked when a letter arrives with a large cheque. It’s Beth’s life insurance payout that nobody knew was coming. After a ring around to their brothers they all decide to offer Tony fifty thousand dollars of the money. Tony is staggered by their offer but avoids accepting it. Later, when they again press Tony to make a decision about the cash he cracks and angrily refuses it. Naomi, who Tony had earlier given a surfing lesson to, observes just how tough Tony is finding things and offers him her ear if he ever needs someone to talk to. Tony finds the whole question of Beth’s life insurance stressful and somewhat distasteful and after work that night he accepts Naomi’s earlier offer and turns up at her van. After a couple of drinks Tony lies down exhausted and Naomi comforts him by lying beside him and holding him tight. It’s a dangerous situation.

Amanda calls Dan and Belle around to her place and they are shocked to find her packing. She’s decided to move back to the city. Amanda feels that the only way to heal herself is to move away. Dan grudgingly accepts her reasoning but an angry Belle blames Peter for her decision. Even though Amanda defends Peter, Belle still attacks him later in the Diner. Peter didn’t even know that Amanda was going. Irene, having seen how hard Belle is taking Amanda’s decision to leave, visits Amanda and gets her to talk to Belle. Amanda convinces Belle that she’s not running away from her, but rather she just needs to do this to get herself together. Belle now feels better about things and has an idea about a “going away party” for Amanda.

Lucas is still finding it hard to deal with his feelings for Naomi and has been playing up in her classes. When Ric hears about it he tells Lucas that he has to back off or he risks alienating Naomi completely. Lucas decides to visit Naomi and apologise. He goes around to her van and gets a cool reception but notices a book, “The Prophet,” there. Naomi has it out from the library. Lucas knows it’s the book that inspired Naomi to be a writer and he has an idea. Lucas convinces Ric to drive him to the city. They return later in the day with Lucas very pleased with himself having located a copy of the, difficult to find, book. He knows Naomi will love his gift.

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