Episode 4420

Australian Air Date: 18th May 2007

Kit realises she cant hide her feelings for Kim anymore. Rachel is surprised to realise she’s jealous when Hugh is with Ingrid – not that she’s about to admit it.

Extended Summary

Matilda is stunned by Kit’s declaration. Concerned that her sister is confusing friendship for love, she questions Kit on her feelings for Kim. But Kit is adamant – she loves Kim. And she knows there’s no future for them, which is why she decides to ask him to step back and let her cope with Archie on her own. Matilda’s concerned that this will only add tension to her relationship with Kim, but Kit is determined. When she asks Kim to give her some space, he’s taken aback but reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Rachel tries to paper over the awkwardness between her and Hugh. But he’s determined to avoid her, and he invites Kim, Tony and Ric for a boys-only night out. After a couple of drinks, and the encouragement of his mates, Hugh returns the advances of Ingrid – who Rachel is surprised to discover coming from Hugh’s room the next morning. She’s even more surprised to realise that she feels something like jealousy. She pulls Hugh up for treating Ingrid casually, and the long-simmering tension between them finally spills over. Hugh finally asks Rachel why she’s reacting this way – why does she care if he gets together with another woman? Not a question Rachel’s ready to answer. She storms off, leaving Hugh thoughtful. What’s up with Rachel?

Kim’s got the same question about Kit’s behaviour. She’s struggling to cope with looking after Baby Archie on her own, but rejects his offers of help. Finally he calls her on it – is this about their kiss last week? Kit denies it. Kim thinks if that’s the case, then he’s going to insist on helping her, whether she likes it or not. alone, Kit finally breaks down – and admits to a concerned Matilda that she’s not sure if she can cope with being around Kim any more. What’s Kit going to do?

Kit’s not the only one hiding her feelings – Lucas is anxious about seeing Naomi today in class. Last week she made it clear that now she’s going to be his teacher, their relationship can’t continue. In class, Naomi is nervous of revealing any sign of their relationship and she ignores Lucas – to his frustration. He presses her to give their relationship another chance, but an increasingly stressed Naomi makes it clear that they have no future. Ric is taken aback to learn of the relationship and counsels Lucas to let it go. But a stubborn Lucas isn’t ready to do that – and his frustration turns to anger when he sees Naomi having fun with Tony. Upset, Lucas baits Naomi in class – and comes perilously close to revealing the truth to the other students. Naomi’s furious – and Lucas realises that he’s stepped way over the line. Has he ruined any chance of a future for them?

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