Episode 4342

Australian Air Date: 30th January 2007

Ric’s threat of revenge against Rocco takes a dramatic turn. Beth farewells the Bay to embark on a soul-searching adventure.

Extended Summary

Brad’s consoling a distraught Sally when Ric and Matilda return. Ric is still seething and sporting some bruises from his altercation with Rocco. Sally is instantly worried and explains she has called the police and they are on their way. Meanwhile, Rocco speeds along in the stolen car. With tears streaming down his face, he heads for the prison to seek Johnny’s help…

Constable Fitzgerald arrives and Sally is forced to relive the event as she gives her statement. Brad remains supportively by her side as does Matilda, who listens on, as Ric expresses his repulsion that Rocco could do such a thing. Brad clocks Ric’s burning anger and insists he promise not to go after Rocco but Ric can’t make that promise.

Meanwhile, Rocco is at the prison, anxiously filling Johnny in on the situation with Sally. He is petrified now of being caught but Johnny tells him to keep it together and not to worry – he will sort something out. Johnny tells him he knows of a place to go to lay low and he will send someone on the outside to help him. After everything that has gone down between them… Rocco is grateful for Johnny’s support.

Back at the Summer Bay House, Brad and Sally have finished filling Alf in on the developments and his reaction is one of stunned fury. They decide to head out for a walk in the fresh air, leaving Ric alone. Later, there’s a knock at the door and Fitzgerald arrives to deliver the news they have discovered Rocco went to the prison and spoke to Johnny but the police missed him by half an hour. Fitzgerald is taken aback by Ric’s fury and tries to calm him down before heading off. A moment later, Ric grabs the keys and races out the door.

Ric arrives at the prison to confront Johnny. Johnny is smug but Ric makes a heartfelt plea for Johnny to tell him where Rocco is. After some hesitation, Johnny finally agrees. Meanwhile, Sally and Brad arrive home and discover Ric is nowhere to be seen. Fitzgerald returns to the house and updates them of the news she delivered earlier to Ric and his intense state of anger. As they prepare to find him, Sally hopes he hasn’t done anything stupid in the meantime.

Matilda has returned home and is confused to find Kit and Beth packing her bags. Matilda questions what’s going on and Beth reveals she has made the spontaneous decision to leave for Europe for some soul searching and to visit other family members. Matilda is taken aback by the suddenness of it all but she is completely supportive of Beth’s decision. With her ticket in her hand, Beth prepares to leave. She and Tony embrace, as she reassures him she will be home soon. It’s teary goodbyes as Beth heads out, ready for her big adventure.

Ric pulls up at the address he got from Johnny. He hops out of his car and moves around the rundown house on the look out for Rocco. His expression is dark and there’s no knowing what he might do…


…Not far behind are Sally, Brad and Matilda who arrive at the house and yell out to Ric and Rocco but there’s no answer. Brad cautiously opens the door and is pulled up short by the sight of Ric, standing over Rocco’s lifeless body! Oh my God – has Ric killed Rocco?

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