Episode 4343

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2007

Rocco struggles to stay alive, as the hunt for his attacker begins. Things go from bad to worse as the evidence piles up against Ric. Rachel becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her involvement in Kit and Kim’s baby plans.

Extended Summary


Everyone is now hovering over Rocco’s body, as Ric protests his innocence. The police and ambo arrive and announce Rocco is still alive – but only just. They race him to hospital and the frantic battle to save his life begins. Meanwhile, the others follow a nervous Ric into the Interview Room at the Police Station. They are all still processing the events but Ric can sense they are not entirely convinced he didn’t attack Rocco. Ric insists he found him like that when arrived at the house. Peter drives the point home that given the threats he made earlier against Rocco, along with Fitzgerald’s statement that Ric was enraged when she last saw him before that attack – the evidence is piling up against Ric. Peter then adds for the sake of proving his innocence, he hopes Rocco wakes up. Ric emerges from his interview and sees that Matilda is still reserved. Shocked and disappointed, Ric realises Matilda thinks he is guilty.

News is received from the hospital that Rocco’s condition is far worse than first thought and it is highly unlikely that he will recover. Ric, Sally, Alf and Matilda take this info in gravely, knowing how much this will affect Ric’s chances of proving his innocence. Ric insists Johnny must be involved and Peter moves off to investigate this further.

At the prison, Peter breaks the news to Johnny of Rocco’s serious condition. Johnny fiercely denies any involvement and after a very convincing and heartfelt plea that he could never harm his own brother, Peter can’t help but believe him. Peter returns to the Station and points out that it is unlikely Johnny could have organised the attack from behind bars. Peter tells Ric he can go home but cautions him the investigation is far from over. Things aren’t looking good for poor Ric.

Back in the hospital, Rachel and Nurse Julie check on Rocco – his condition has not changed. As they head out into the corridor, Nurse Julie questions Rachel on how she is coping with Kim, Kit and the baby situation. Rachel confides she’s not as comfortable with the idea as Kit and Kim think she is. Nurse Julie insists she needs to nip it in the bud or things will be harder when the baby arrives. Later, Rachel takes this advice and is about to open up to Kim about her true feelings but decides against it when Kim jumps in first and tells her how much Kit appreciates having Rachel around for support. Rachel forces a smile – how can she spill the beans now?

Ric is now back at home and struggling to deal with the day’s events, but even more so with the thought Matilda doesn’t believe he is innocent. Sally offers her support and Ric confides in her how scared he is. So much stems on Rocco waking up. But as Rocco remains lifeless in the hospital bed, hooked up to machines keeping him alive, there’s little hope for either of them.