Episode 3904

Australian Air Date: 24th February 2005

Marc’s deadly game pushes Josie to the edge. Tormented by his aching heart, Scott flees Summer Bay. Hayley’s having second thoughts about her relationship with Kim. Tasha confronts Josie over Robbie’s incredible discovery. Irene and Hyde give in to their passion.

Final episode. Flew over to New York to join Alf, Duncan and a seriously injured Roo.
Return appearance (voice only), last seen Episode #3903. Left a note for Irene thanking her for her kindness.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3892. Shared an intimate kiss with Irene.

Extended Summary

The fallout continues over Kane and Kirsty’s decision to cut and run – forsaking Morag’s $10,000 bail money. Most are upset, but Leah thinks Kirsty did what she wasn’t prepared to do with Vinnie. Colleen says Morag should have known better than to trust Kane. Morag (heading to the US to be with a sickly Roo) is not so upset about the money. She’s disappointed Kane forced Kirsty to be a mother on the run. It won’t be easy.

Scott wants to comfort Hayley, but Kim takes over the role. A sad looking Scott is sidelined once again. He’s starting to have dreams about revealing all to Hayley. But in real life, keeping his feelings to himself is driving him mad.

Josie and Jesse are getting into wedding preparations, but Marc keeps making her life difficult. He not only wants double the blackmail money, he also wants a job at the bar! Despite her objections, Josie’s forced to give in. Jesse is curious as to why Josie suddenly wants to employ Marc after being so dead against him, but Josie distracts him the best way she knows how – in the bedroom. Later when Josie hands over the money to Marc, he speaks derisively of Jesse for not seeing what’s going on. The two have a argument and Josie storms away.

Irene’s trying to keep everyone’s spirits up over the loss of Kane and Kirsty. But in private, she’s feeling a deep grief. A tearful Irene takes comfort in Hyde’s arms. There’s definite frisson between them. When Hyde leaves, he gives her a peck on the cheek…and it turns into a passionate kiss! The two of them agree there’s an attraction and they’d like to spend more time together. Later, Irene discovers a photo and goodbye note from Kirsty. She sits and reads the farewell with great sadness. It’s like a child has left her.

Robbie attempts to re-build the friendship with Kim by paying him for the surfboard he lost. He invites Kim and Hayley out to lunch with he and Tasha. At lunch he sees an advert for a competition to make a mock-commercial. Prize – $5,000! He brainstorms ideas with the others – most of them silly. An uncomfortable Hayley confides to Scott later that she feels like Kim’s big sister! Kim tells Tasha he sees the relationship as a bit of fun; nothing serious. This is all music to Scott’s ears. But when Hayley decides she’ll just have to get used to the age difference, Scott realises his hopes are dashed. He decides to leave town to clear his head.

In filming his video, Robbie catches Josie in the background handing money to Marc. Tasha confronts Josie for an explanation. Josie is distraught – there’s no way out now…

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