Episode 3675

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2004

Alex and Brodie farewell the bay for a new life. Will Rhys give Kirsty and Kane his blessing? Jade is appalled by her and Kirsty’s actions.

Final episode. Left the Bay to travel the world with Brodie.
Final episode. Left the Bay to travel the world with Alex.
Final episode.
Final episode.
Final episode.
Was the object of Hayley’s insistent demands for a mirror.

Extended Summary

Jesse demands that Helen and Theo give Leah their support and approval – otherwise they can pack their bags and leave
Alex tries to persuade Brodie that leaving is the best thing to do – if they stay, they’ll be unable to fix anything
Kane is ecstatic at the news of Kirsty’s pregnancy, and suts her off when she tries to explain something


Kirsty and Kane discuss the future, with Kane certain that Kirsty will pass her exams – and become the first Phillips’ to pass Year 12! He just hopes the baby comes before the exams, but she doesn’t want to think of things that are such a long way off. He is adamant that they must think long-term – what they do now is important, and he wants her to see Flynn to check everything is alright. When he sees her worry, he reassures her that HE’S nervous as well, but they must deal with it. He is adamant that the one thing he’s going to do right in life is take care of Kirsty and their baby. He still can’t believe it (cue strange camp arm gesture, and very un-Kane-like voice) – “It’s like waaaaa, I’m going to be a Dad!”. His over-excitment cover for her lack of it as she looks increasingly glum.

Jade arrives home to find Rhys sitting alone, staring into a mug of coffee and thinking about Kirsty – and the charges that could be put on Kane. Jade is well aware that if they decided to get Kane charged, then it’d break Kirsty’s heart, and split up two parents – Rhys can’t protect his kids forever. Rhys is trying to do the best thing, and wonders how a kid would feel growing up with Kane Phillips for a Dad. Which is nice. Jade is thinking about the big picture – if accepting Kane is the only way she’ll see her nieces and nephews, then she’s willing to do it. Rhys asks her to give Kirsty a call and tell them that he wants to see them, without expanding on why.

Scott and Alf heave a heavy box of boat bits and pieces from the Blaxland towards the truck, and Alf is having trouble – his back isn’t what it used to be. Apparently twenty years ago he could carry one under each arm… which begs the question why is Scott struggling? Hero Kane arrives on cue to offer them a hand, and goes on to ask if the job offer is still open, as now he has a family to think about he reckons he may have been a bit hasty rejecting it in the first place. Alf has no problem with it, and providing Kane stay well away from Dani and just does his job, Scott agrees to give him a go.

Dani has brought Hayley in some clothes, as the hospital gowns aren’t exactly glamorous. Hayley jokes that they could paint the gowns like they paint t-shirts, and Dani has to tell her that the T-shirt business no longer exists. Hayley then asks how things are going with her, and she is stressed about the two families struggling to live together – but Beth’s been calm about everything. However, Hayley obviously doesn’t recall Beth, and Dani has to explain that her parents split about twelve months beforehand. Hayley is upset at all the things she no longer knows, and is adamant that she’ll focus on the good stuff until she recovers… like Brodie and Alex… if only she knew… Dani looks decidedly awkward at this statement…

Brodie and Alex arrive in the hospital to visit Hayley, with plans to tell her everything before they leave – thus getting a chance to explain and apologise. They bump into Noah, still blaming Alex for the mess and regarding Alex as gutless for simply doing a runner when things get tough. Dani exits Hayley’s room and pleads with Alex and Brodie NOT to tell Hayley everything – she won’t be able to handle it. She can’t work out simple things, and the only thing that “makes sense” to Hayley is Alex and Brodie

Brodie and Alex reach Hayley’s bed, and she is delighted that they came – she didn;t want to miss out on the wedding plans. Alex starts with the “we’ve got something to tell you…” speech but her upset at the thought of there not being a wedding puts an end to the announcement as they see just how scrambled Hayley’s mind is. Instead, Alex announces that they’ll be going away for a while – doing community aid work overseas. Hayley is happy for them, shushing Brodie as she tearily states that Hayley shouldn’t be in there, and needing to believe that things will work out between them – because it gives HER hope.

Helen is getting up noses again as she asks to use the bathroom in her daughters house, and sights Jesse as the reason behind the bad feeling – she’s only trying to respect his space. She accuses Theo of not standing up for her because he thinks that she “overtakes things”, and Theo isn’t exactly helpful in his response – “well if that’s what you think then… that’s what ytou think”. Brodie and Alex arrive just in time to stop things getting nasty, and although Theo greets Brodie, Helen chooses not to. Alex picks up on her rudeness, refusing to let his mother treat his fiancee like that. Helen is stunned to hear of the impending marriage – he dumped Hayley and now he’s destroying his life and breaking his mothers heart in the process. She refuses to be a part of his life.

Kane, Jade and Kirsty stand around awaiting Rhys’ visit, with Kane and Jade cold, but actually on speaking terms. They speculate on the reason for the visit, and Kane looks for positives – at least now he has a job to his name. Rhys arrives at last, letting himself in through the front door, and brings Dani in tow. He tells them that he COULD have the marriage annulled… but he’s not going to do that. He accepts them as husband and wife, and pledges his support in the upbringing of their child, telling Kirsty that she is welcome ‘at home’ anytime. As far as Kane goes, they’ll take it one step at a time. As Dani and Rhys turn to leave, Kane calls Dani back to thank her.


It’s a happy atmosphere amongst the Poulos’ (minus Helen) as Alex cooks the dinner and they joke around. However, Helen’s entrance casts a cloud over them all. As Helen leaves the house, Alex decides to be the one to follow her. He explains things as best he can – he isn’t trying to shame the family, but he has always loved Brodie – and a year ago Helen had been happy for them. His mother reminds him of the hurt Brodie caused when she upped and left him and the beautiful, kind girl that he is turning his back on. He’s thought about it though, and it’s different with Brodie – he WILL marry her. After a moment of thought, she asks whether it will be a Greek wedding, and whether “cousin George” will be able to do the flowers. I think we’re meant to assume by the style of his laugh that the answer to both questions is yes. Leah and Chris head off to do the shopping, accompanied by Brodie.
Jesse and Theo are left to do a bit of bonding in the kitchen over their respective partners insisting on doing all the cooking. Jesse is concerned that he overstepped the mark with Helen, but Theo assures him the friction is only because Helen wants the best by Leah. Jesse is quick to insist that it’s only because he cares for Leah that he reacted the way he did, and Theo understands that… but it better stay that way, because if Jesse does wrong by his daughter… Theo slices a carrot viciously (what a carrot being sliced in two is meant to symbolise is left to the imagination), and Jesse only allows himself to laugh when he is sure that it’s a joke.

Kane is delighted that things are finally coming together, and it doesn’t matter to him that the only reason he has been accepted is due to Kirsty’s pregnancy – he wants to have a hundred kids with her (!)… her glum nature isn’t hard to detect in contrast with his happiness, as she doesn’t reciprocate his affectionate advances. Sensing her doubts, he assures her that there’s “no pressure” with the baby – he’s going to get the dinner on whilst she does her homework, then he’ll run her a hot bath, complete with candles, so that she can relax. Forcing a couple of smiles for his benefit, her face falls as he leaves, burdened by the guilt.

It’s a happy Poulo’s (-Hanson-McGregor) family dinner and they joke about the things that need organising for a Greek wedding, and Brodie is glad they’ll have done some stuff for other people (the overseas work) before they think of themselves. They toast Alex and Brodie, welcoming Brodie into the family, Theo looking forward to getting some more grandchildren. If only Chris would get his act together… Chris insists he meets the right girl everyday, she just doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. This brings on a soppy speech by Brodie – “if you’re meant to be together, then nothing can keep you apart”. Brodie and Alex oggle at one another as the scene fades into Hayley.

Noah is by Hayley’s bedside, finding it a task to educate Hayley on all that she has missed. Hayley is wondering why Dani didn’t mention Josh and upset that she doesn’t know what is going on, and all Noah can do is assure her that everything will be ok. She is desperate to piece things together, starting with the accident, and questions Noah about the circumstances surrounding the crash. She is surprised to hear that Brodie was in the car (which makes you wonder why Hayley didn’t think to ask why Brodie was all battered and bruised and with her arm in a cast). Hayley enquires about them – is everything alright between them? Noah hesitates that everything is fine – genuinely stating that he loves her more than ever, but looking guilty as she tells him that she can always count on him.

Alex and Brodie rock up to see Dani and Scott at the wharf, having been up early to see the sunrise, and Alex hands Scott his key to the Palace. Dani apologises for the way she spoke to Brodie, but Brodie brushes it off – she’d have been the same – before asking whether Dani will be a “permanent fixture” at the Palace. Dani is embarrassed – it’s not her decision to make, but Scott hadn’t expected her to be leaving in the near future, and they formally agree that she will be moving in. Scott wishes Alex and Brodie luck, and the friendly atmosphere darkens as Kane descends the wharf, having shown up early for his first day. Alex, Brodie and Dani swiftly depart, and Alex asks Dani to do them one last favour – he has written a note to Hayley, which she promises to deliver once Hayley is better.

Noah is struggling with what to say – there hasn’t exactly been much going on whilst he has been away from the hospital – the sun’s up, the surf is great, but he gave it up to be by her side. He forsees himself being kicked out as the nurse arrives to change her dressings. Once Noah is gone, Hayley demands to see a mirror, threatening to get one herself if she has to.

The last details are being sorted as Brodie and Alex (and the visiting Poulos’s) prepare to leave, and this time the passports are remembered.
Alex and Leah bid a teary goodbye – they’ve been through a lot together before they join the rest of the family on the porch for the big farewell. Leah, Jesse and VJ are left all alone, Leah wondering what she’ll do without her little brother. Jesse reassures her, and the three of them look quite the family as they stare after their departed guests.

Brodie and Alex take the coast road, stopping to stare out to sea for a last time, before driving away.

Hayley is horrified to see the state of her face, and refuses to listen to the nurses sympathy.

Kirsty is rushing around frantically getting ready for school as Jade arrives at the door. Kirsty heads off to her bedroom, telling Jade she is doing her hair, but is caught out taking the pill when Jade follows her in. Jade points out that she shouldn’t be taking the pill now she’s pregnant… before clocking onto Kirsty’s lie. She’s disgusted, and initially assumes it was Kane’s idea – but is more appalled as she reaslises that Kane is actually under the impression he will be a father in nine months. Kirsty pleads with her not to tell Rhys or Kane – it’d kill them…