Episode 3341

Australian Air Date: 12th August 2002

Who is the mystery visitor at Leah’s door? Shelley is upset after she loses her cool with Kirsty. Colleen is disgusted by Dani and Josh’s open display of affection.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #2760. Visited Leah after his release from jail, where he had become reacquainted with Vinnie.

Extended Summary

Shelley, Rhys and Kirsty have a fight over Max’s prank on Fisher. Fisher suspends Max from school.

Colleen gets annoyed when Dani and Josh comes into the Diner all over each other and tells Alf that it’s like an R rated movie.

Shelley tells Max that he is not getting away with making a prank on Mr Fisher and punishes him.

Kirsty and Shelley have a fight and Shelley is upset when she loses her cool with Kirsty. Shelley and Rhys have a talk about Kirsty. Kirsty asks Josh if he thinks that she is a nice person and he tells her the truth that sometimes she is but at the moment she’s not. Kirsty has flashbacks of all the bad things she has done to hurt her friends and family.

Colleen throws a bucket of water over Dani and Josh and Dani and Josh turns around and tells Colleen that it has turned them on more and Colleen is not happy and walks off.

Kirsty goes to Mr Fisher to tell him that she wants to go back to school to learn and that she will do her best. Fisher says yes to Kirsty going back to school and Kirsty is happy.

Kirsty says sorry to her mum and Shelley also says sorry to Kirsty from the fight before. Jesse Mc Gregor returns to Summer Bay again.

Starring Lyn Collingwood as Colleen, Christie Hayes as Kirsty and Norman Coburn as Mr Fisher.

Rachael Jennings

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