Episode 3083

Australian Air Date: 4th July 2001

Gypsy tells Will he’s the father of her child. Duncan leaves Summer Bay in disgrace. Vinnie and Leah are terrified something’s wrong with their baby. Hayley has a dinner for Alf and Irene, which ends up a disaster.

Final episode. Took Duncan with her to the city.
Final episode. Left with Morag to stay at a Boarding School in the city.
First appearance. Discovered Vinnie and Leah’s baby could be in trouble.
Was spied on by an upset and jealous Leah.

Extended Summary

After a few painful weeks, Duncan’s told Alf he wants to leave with Morag. At first Alf wasn’t going to give him up without a fight, but when Duncan said he’s miserable here, he let Morag take him. Duncan’s done a lot of damage emotionally to people in Summer Bay. Even Shauna’s not willing to forgive him for the things he said. He probably won’t be dearly missed by many!

Alf’s depressed Duncan’s gone. Hayley tried cheering him up by inviting him to dinner. However, Irene wasn’t in the mood for company, and neither was Alf. However Hayley was able to celebrate getting her licence. Not much of a celebration though, with Irene and Alf depressed, plus Hayley thinking Noah’s getting too dependent on Gypsy, no-one was really have been in the mood.

Gypsy has been depressed and is missing her dad. Will’s also noticed the change in her mood and thinks it’s because she’s lost her job at the DIC. He was telling her to tell Andrew he’s the father of her baby. Little does he know he’s the father. This would be a lot easier for her and everyone else if she told everyone the truth.

Leah and Vinnie are excited about the ultrasound. They’ve decided money isn’t an issue anymore, so they’re focusing on the baby.

Erin Flannery

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