Episode 2964

Australian Air Date: 18th January 2001

Sam is heartbroken after Fisher interferes in his relationship with Sandy. Leah is convinced that Vinnie will never propose. Is Gypsy after Rhys Sutherland?

Final episode.
Final episode.
Eighth and final appearance, last seen in #2963.
Second appearance, last seen in #2957. Irene’s pushy neighbour who put pressure on her to sell up.
Drop-In Centre worker who showed Sam to Shelley.

Extended Summary

Noah’s ‘Dice Man’ game went bit too far. Noah climbing the Sutherlands’ roof and Will’s run through the house. Irene found out about it and has apologised to the Sutherlands. While Rhys and Shelley want the game to end, Brodie’s worried about how she’s going to be punished, as she allowed the others to continue the game on her, as she hasn’t had her turn. She rolled and her dare was to stand on a table in the diner for 10 minutes, when Colleen saw she was not impressed!

Sandy thought about Sam’s offer to move in together and was happy to accept, until Fisher asked if she was willing to ruin Sam’s life by giving him additional responsibilities. Sandy ended up leaving for the drop-in centre. Sam was so mad at Fisher after finding out he spoke to Sandy that he told him they were ‘over’. Fisher went to the centre and told Sandy he didn’t mean for her to run away. He also said Sam was looking for her.

To cut a long story short, Sandy talked to Sam, rejected his offer and revealed she was disappointed he didn’t contact her after he left for Queensland. Sam was a bit stunned, but now they’re off to live with a friend until they find a place of their own. Fisher and Sam have made up and, while Fisher isn’t happy about their decision, he said he’ll be there if they need him.

Trouble is brewing for Irene, after being confronted by her neighbour, George, in regard to her refusal to sell the beach house. He said all the houses in the block have to be sold, otherwise none of them will be. He wants her to sell her house for the sake of the neighbors, but Irene refuses as it seems someone is not giving Irene the right information.

Leah’s worried Vinnie won’t live up to his promise to marry her. Vinnie asked Fisher for advice about when to tell Leah about him, not being able to have kids. Fisher said he should be completely honest with her. Ted’s presence and Colleen’s interference isn’t helping. After Ted told her he’s leaving, Colleen said he should visit Leah and tell her how he feels. He got as far as visiting Leah, but all she could do was cry on his shoulder about Vinnie.

Erin Flannery

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