Episode 2963

Australian Air Date: 17th January 2001

Gypsy’s constant presence is causing problems for the Sutherlands. Sam struggles to earn Sandy’s trust. Will is dared to take his clothes off. Shauna gets closer to discovering her father’s true identity.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #2960.

Extended Summary

Sally is confused about her feelings for Luke. She thinks she loves him, but she’s still very confused. Shauna’s getting more suspicious about her father’s identity. She went over to Alf’s to help him clean out Ailsa’s belongings. While they were reminiscing, Shauna asked questions about her father. Alf did his best to be elusive but it didn’t work. She knows Ailsa became pregnant while in prison, so when she asked Alf, he blew up at her and said all this digging around is being insensitive to Ailsa.

Gypsy is still annoying the Sutherland household. Nick asked Kirsty to visit him after dinner, and when she asked if it was OK, Gypsy intervened. The girls aren’t happy about Gypsy’s presence. Brodie thinks it’s because Gypsy’s lonely. Rhys and the girls aren’t happy, but Shelley doesn’t mind. She was a bit upset they didn’t invite her to dinner. She feels left out.

In among the trouble, the Sutherlands have had an unwanted ‘surprise’, thanks to Noah and Will. Noah bought a book called The Dice Man. It’s a game that involves a dice and lots of dares. It explains Dani’s lack of communication, Noah’s ‘flathead’ jokes to Fisher, and (get this) Will being seen running through the Sutherland house naked! It would have been a success if Rhys hadn’t found him in the pantry.

Unfortunately Noah’s jokes aren’t distracting Fisher, who’s worried about Sam’s decision to move in with Sandy. June thinks it’s a great way for Sam to get back on the straight and narrow, and Sam seems determined to make it work. However, Sandy isn’t too sure and is often reluctant to leave Bella with him. She’s worried he’ll prove to be as unreliable as Will said.

Fisher told him that bringing up a baby was a lot of work, but Sam says he won’t dump Bella the way he was dumped as a child. He told Sandy if she’s ever unhappy he would leave. He said he won’t pressure her into anything like Warren did. He seems to be serious about it and also appears to care for Sandy. But how can you trust someone who says love isn’t a guarantee of a relationship’s success?

Erin Flannery

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