Episode 569

Australian Air Date: 28th June 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Michael Ailwood

Marilyn blackmails Ernie Jacobs into giving her a 12 month lease on the beach house. Ailsa returns home to find her niece faces expulsion. 

Extended Summary

Alf has joined Donald, Grant and Emma in the office. Emma continues to protest her innocence but Don doesn’t believe her and tells her to wait outside while they discuss the matter. Emma tries to kick up a fuss but Grant convinces her to do it. Alf asks Don if it’s serious and Don outlines Emma’s supposed offences, saying he’s within his rights to expel her. Grant convinces them to let Alf take Emma home so they can all calm down and Don can think things over. In the corridor outside, Vicki is acting contrite as she talks to a group of friends, saying she thinks Emma did it because of their bet. Paul approaches and suggests Emma might be innocent but Vicki dismisses the idea. Alf marches Emma past, not letting her talk to anyone. Later, Paul goes to see Grant at the caravan park, where he is cleaning his van after the chooks used it. (One of them is still sitting in the front seat.)Paul mentions the $50 bet Emma and Vicki had going on. Grant tells him that he isn’t sure what to believe but with the fact she isn’t good at history, her feud with Vicki and the bet it isn’t looking good.

At the Stewart house, Alf calls Emma into the front room and scolds her for her behaviour. Emma is upset that Alf doesn’t believe her, insisting that she never saw the papers. The argument is cut short when Ailsa and Duncan arrive home. Alf and Emma both welcome them back and Ailsa notes that she had to get a cab back. Alf tells Ailsa that Emma was caught stealing exam papers. Emma tries to defend herself but Alf cuts her off. He tells Ailsa Don has invited them into the school later to talk it over. Emma is shocked since she wasn’t told but Alf says she’s not involved. Emma is upset that she’s not being given a chance to speak and storms out, ignoring Alf’s attempts to order her back.

At the Diner, Bobby finds Vicki and her friends laughing and joking. She asks what’s happened and Vicki explains Emma was caught stealing an exam paper and will probably be expelled. Bobby doesn’t find it funny. Emma comes in and she and Vicki start pushing each other. Bobby sends Emma to the counter and tells Vicki and her friends they’re barred for the day. Emma asks why and Bobby explains she doesn’t like Vicki and the others while Emma reminds her of herself two years ago. They chat and Bobby admits Don’s stubborn but tells Emma she believes her. She suggests Emma try talking to Ailsa, since she was in a fluster when she came home, saying Ailsa was the only person who believed her when she was accused of arson.

At the store, a bemused Grant is quizzed by Marilyn about whether it’s right to do the dirty on someone if they’re not a nice person. Although he doesn’t really understand what she’s going on about, he eventually says it’s all right if no-one gets hurt and it’s not illegal. After he’s gone, Marilyn rings Ernie on his mobile as he’s busy canvassing votes. She admits she’s found his letter but says if he wants it he’ll have to meet her at the Diner. When Ernie gets there, he asks for the letter and, after some pressing, admits it’s important he gets it back. Marilyn tells him if he wants it back he’ll have to give them a twelve month lease on the beach house with no rent increase. She walks out and Bobby gives Ernie the bill for Marilyn’s coffee.

That night, at the Stewart house, Ailsa tells Emma that Don’s taking the weekend to decide what to do. Emma tries to convince her and Alf that Vicki set her up. Ailsa doesn’t know whether to believe her or not while Alf is convinced she’s guilty and thinks she should just own up. Emma realises she’s getting nowhere and goes to bed. At the Diner, Bobby tries to talk Don round. Don says he changed his mind about Bobby but Bobby says that was only because she’s his daughter and he should give Emma a second chance. Don points out she’s already had a lot of chances and suggests they agree to differ. Meanwhile, Ailsa has finished unpacking. Alf notes that she had a hard time while she was away and then admits he’s been charged with drink driving. He’s upset about it, blaming Jane for ruining his reputation, but Ailsa says no-one that matters will think any differently of him.

Next morning, Marilyn and Ernie meet on a park bench. Ernie produces the lease. Marilyn notices it hasn’t been signed and gets him to rectify it before handing over the letter. Ernie asks if she made a copy and Marilyn says that would be dishonest, walking off and leaving him bemused. Meanwhile, Emma arrives at the Diner and briefly chats to Bobby before Paul arrives. Emma tells him that Vicki set her up. Paul advises her to keep quiet about the bet because of what Grant said about it looking bad for her. When Emma asks him if he agrees, Paul admits he thinks it looks bad too. Emma thinks that means he doesn’t believe her and storms out, leaving Paul looking frustrated.

Guest Cast



Eleventh appearance, last seen in #568. Was blackmailed by Marilyn.


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