Episode 513

Australian Air Date: 11th April 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Russell Webb

Carly decides to try door-to-door jewellery sales. Lance leaves Marilyn to join the army.

Extended Summary

Carly comes to Ben’s caravan and apologises for asking Pippa to guarantee a loan. Ben apologises for going off at her. They plan to get second jobs so they can afford a house deposit. Carly drags Ben away from his baked beans for a proper dinner at the house.

A sombre Marilyn cleans up after the failed dinner at the mobile home and sits down to watch TV, whilst keeping an eye on the door, hoping Lance will return.

Over dinner, Pippa thinks Ben and Carly are pushing it trying to look for more work; when do they expect to see each other? She suggests they live at Summer Bay House until they have a deposit. Sally thinks it’s a great idea and says she can move into Sophie’s room, so Steven can move into her old room. Carly agrees but still wants a second job.

Alf arrives at the Diner to pick up Ailsa. Emma tries to get more pocket out of him because she’s seen a pair of boots. Alf agrees so long as she works for it, and Ailsa suggests she start by making dinner. At home, Emma serves up some microwaved food and Alf and Ailsa aren’t impressed. Instead of cooking, Alf offers her work stacking shelves at the store and asks her to caddy for him when he plays golf with Grant tomorrow.

Lance arrives home and apologises for yelling at Marilyn. Marilyn is worried that he doesn’t love her any more. Lance hugs her and says of course he does, but looks troubled.

Carly arrives at the store the next morning, looking for a job since Celia is leaving, but Alf is hoping to manage by himself.

Marilyn is at Summer Bay House. She’s planning to work on her wedding dress today and wishes she had somebody helping with the wedding. Pippa offers her services and Marilyn is delighted. She asks if Tom can give her away. It’s all too good to be true but Sally looks sad.

Lance packs a suitcase and writes a letter. As he puts the suitcase in the car, Sally appears and tells him he has to tell Marilyn. Marilyn comes running up and tells Lance about all the new wedding arrangements. Lance tells Marilyn he has to go into town and gets into the car. He stops to put two letters in the caravan park mailbox addressed to Sally and “Marylin” (spelled wrong!).

Carly gets off the phone at the Diner and is excited as the owner of a jewellery business is coming to talk to her about selling on commission. Ben comes in and has got 16 hours a week working as a barman in Yabbie Creek.

Sally opens her letter from Lance while Pippa takes Marilyn’s to her. Lance takes a sad look at the beach. Pippa comforts Marilyn as Sally bursts in, saying Lance has gone. Pippa sends her to wait outside where Lance returns and Sally tells him she hates him. Lance tells Marilyn he came back to say goodbye face-to-face because she deserves better. He does love her but he’s not ready to settle down. He’s going to go and join the army with Martin. He gives her a kiss on the cheek before going to see Sally at the house. Sally tries to stay angry with Lance but runs after him in tears and tells him she will miss him. Lance leaves and Marilyn hugs Sally, both of them crying.

Guest Cast



Arrivals and Departures

Final episode. Left Summer Bay to join Martin in the army.

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