Episode 435

Australian Air Date: 10th November 1989
UK Air Date: 18th October 1990
Writer: Margaret Roberts
Director: Brian Lennane

Andrew Foley decides on a new career and Danny must make a difficult decision.

Extended Summary

There is no answer at Morag’s so Bobby smashes a window. She and Donald find Danny clutching Morag whose hands are tied. He rants about Morag being evil and threatens them with a fire poker, telling them to sit down.

Pippa is preparing dinner as Rory talks to her about women; he doesn’t understand them or know how to chat them up. Pippa tells him he just needs some training.

Danny is trying to get an answer from his father about whether he should kill Morag. Donald pretens to be his dad and tells him he doesn’t want him to murder Morag and he will let him be with Bobby. Danny says Morag hurts Bobby, but Bobby tells him not to cause any more hurting. Danny caves and lets go of Morag. Bobby hugs him.

At the Diner, Adam is surprised that Carly is going out with Rory as he’s a nerd. Carly tells him to keep his opinions to himself and Matt tells him not to play dirty. Adam says all’s fair in love and war, but Matt points out that Rory doesn’t even know there is a war.

Bobby brings Danny a cup of tea. Morag wants to call the police but Donald says he needs professional help. Morag says he locked her up and they heard him threaten to kill her. Bobby says it will be her word against theirs and wants to leave. Morag warns her about going out with a potential murderer but Bobby says she loves him, and he’s a lot safer than Morag!

In the Diner kitchen, Carly tells Andrew she doesn’t think he’s cut out to be a counsellor, reminding him how badly he handled her crush on him. Rory arrives with flowers for Carly and a basket of food. He thought they could stay at the Diner and eat it, much to Carly’s dismay. Matt pushes Adam out of the Diner to stop him making fun of Rory.

Andrew goes and has a cup of tea with Pippa who tells him his heart is in the right place but it’s just too big. Andrew wants to stay in Summer Bay but doesn’t know what he would do for work. Pippa reminds him he’s a qualified teacher and tells him to try the school.

In Danny’s caravan, Danny tells Bobby he’s scared by how much he feels for her. Bobby tells Danny she’s prepared to chuck everything in and come with him; he doesn’t hear voices when he’s with her. Danny thinks she’s as mad as he is! Alf and Ailsa call round to see Donald who is worried about Bobby’s safety. Bobby and Danny talk about going travelling, settling down, and having kids. Danny is scared but Bobby tells him they will make it together.

Carly and Rory are eating by candlelight on the floor of the Diner. Rory has broken a candle and spills Carly’s drink. At the caravan, Bobby and Danny are kissing and Bobby has to leave. Back at the Diner, Rory tries to kiss Carly but she pushes him away. She tells him she does like him but Rory says he’s heard it before; he’s not her type. Carly says she did have fun and gives him a peck on the cheek but Rory leaves, dejected.

Bobby arrives home and tells Donald that she and Danny have decided to be together. Donald tells her that Danny needs psychiatric help and she is living in a dream.

The following morning, Carly apologises to Rory for last night but he won’t speak to her. Pippa tells him she thinks he picked the wrong woman as Carly still likes Adam. Rory says Adam never said anything and groans.

Morag is at Alf and Ailsa’s to give them her spare house keys for the cleaners. Ailsa says she hopes everything works out well but Morag tells her not to lie or to take any credit for convincing her to leave. She is looking forward to seeing the back of this primitive hamlet and getting back to civilization. Alf tells her not to let them hold her up, and Morag storms out.

Matt and Rory arrive at the Diner and Rory is feeling bad about going out with Adam’s girlfriend but Matt tells him Carly and Adam are history. Rory asks Matt if he thinks they’re made for each other and Matt says they deserve each other more like. Rory doesn’t pick up on his sarcasm and decides to help them get back together.

Bobby is leaving to meet Danny for breakfast but Donald thinks they should talk about it some more. Andrew comes to the door, allowing Bobby to escape. Andrew asks Donald about working at the school but Donald says given his track record he couldn’t possibly offer him a job.

Bobby enters Danny’s caravan and finds nothing but a note from Danny saying the reason he has gone is because he loves her more than anything in the world. Morag puts Banjo in the car and tells him he’s the only family she’s got now. We hear Danny’s voice reading the letter as he gets on the bus. He needs to get help so he doesn’t turn on Bobby. It could take years so he doesn’t want her to wait for him. Bobby looks heartbroken.

Guest Cast



Final episode. Slipped out of Summer Bay after regretting his attack on Morag, leaving behind a heartbroken Bobby.

Arrivals and Departures

Final episode. Left Summer Bay following her traumatic encounter with Danny.