Episode 405

Australian Air Date: 29th September 1989
UK Air Date: 6th September 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Chris Adshead

Adam tries to win his bet with Matt and Celia has an unexpected intruder.

Extended Summary

Matt and Adam are rowing their raft and Matt tells Adam he asked Viv out this morning but Adam says Viv runs hot and cold like a shower. Matt says Emma would be more of a challenge and Adam plans to ask her out. They bet $50 on it.

Alf isn’t happy that Ailsa is waiting to make Emma breakfast while she sleeps in. They argue about Emma again and Alf says he has tried with Emma but she doesn’t like him. Ailsa tells him he will have to try harder. Emma surfaces and Alf tries to make small talk but things are awkward.

Celia returns to Morag’s with some flowers to brighten the place up. She is looking forward to spending time with Morag and talking like they used to. Morag tries to argue but Celia won’t let her get a word in. She’s not going to leave Morag alone in this house and that’s the end of it.

Pippa is annoyed that she left the washing out all night and it rained on it. Coral tells her to leave it to her and go and see Tom but Pippa says there’s too much to do. Carly comes downstairs, asking if Pippa has ironed her dress and Pippa bites her head off. Adam arrives and hands Pippa her mail. It is a cheque from Macklins which will pay the mortgage for a few months. Upstairs, Adam tells Carly about his plan to ask Emma out to win a bet. Carly isn’t happy but Adam says it’s no different to what she did with Danny. Carly says she never actually went out with Danny and thinks Adam is only telling her because he’s frightened she might catch him with Emma.

Celia is stacking shelves at the store and tells Alf she thinks Morag was quite touched about her moving in. Alf thinks Morag is big enough and ugly enough to look after herself and Celia should stay out of it. Stacey comes in, back from seeing Andrew in the city. Pippa arrives and thanks Stacey for helping get the money for Tom while Alf answers the phone but there’s nobody there.

Adam arrives at the Diner and asks Emma to sit down. He tells her he’s been thinking about her a lot. Bobby appears and has a go at Emma for not pulling her weight but Adam says it was his fault. Ailsa asks Emma and Adam to take a walk while she has a word with Bobby. She would have thought Bobby of all people would give Emma a fair go. Bobby says Emma doesn’t make it easy and Ailsa says she’s sick of hearing that; Bobby is just going to have to try harder.

Adam shows Emma his yacht and complains about the council forcing him to move on. Emma sympathises and complains about people who make rules. She says it must be great out on the ocean with no people around. She used to dream about getting on a plane and flying away for ever. They go to see the raft and Emma asks Adam not to tell anyone what she said before. Adam asks her to a movie tonight.

Donald is at the store and Alf asks for his advice about communicating with Emma. Donald says you have to put your judgements on hold; a lesson it took him too long to learn with Alan and Rebecca. He reminds Alf how much work Ailsa had to put in with Roo. Celia takes a phone call and gets upset but claims it was a wrong number.

Emma returns to the Diner and Carly gives her grief about Ailsa letting her slack off. Emma rubs Carly’s nose in the fact that Adam has asked her out but Carly takes delight in letting her know it’s only because of a bet with Matt.

The phone at the store rings again and Celia blows a whistle into it. She tells Alf she’s been receiving threatening phone calls warning her not to move in with Morag. Alf says this proves he was right telling her to stay out of it but Celia says it proves Morag needs her now more than ever. Alf warns her the bloke might come after her for blowing a whistle in his ear.

Adam comes into the Diner and Carly wants to have a word with him, but Emma seems to still be perfectly happy going out with him and so Carly says nothing.

In the evening, Celia is fussing over Morag who has a headache and sends her to bed. Celia then starts setting up wire traps around the house!

Adam returns to the Diner, having been stood up by Emma. Carly admits she told Emma about the bet because Emma was bragging about going out with him. Adam tells Carly she has lost him $50 but Carly thinks it’s about more than the money. Adam tells Carly she just doesn’t know Emma. He’s going to try and find her to explain. However, in the darkness, Emma is drilling holes in the raft!

Celia finishes wiring up the living room. Metal platters are set up above the door, and she attaches the end of the wire to the door handle, and settles down to sleep with a rolling pin! At 11.30, Alf enters the house and one of the platters falls down. Celia starts attacking him with the rolling pin until she realises who it is! Morag comes down the stairs and tells them both to get out.

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  • An erroneous set of opening titles aired for this episode. See here for details.

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