Episode 403

Australian Air Date: 27th September 1989
UK Air Date: 4th September 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Adshead

Morag’s friendship with Danny raises eyebrows in Summer Bay and Emma makes waves in the Diner.

Extended Summary

Matt, Adam and another guy are testing the raft. Adam comments that he has moved in with Stacey. He is looking forward to the girls losing the raft race and Bobby having to go and clean for Morag.

Bobby is showing Emma around the Diner kitchen. Emma thinks the place is gross and Bobby tells her she’s got an attitude problem. Ailsa arrives and Bobby is angry with Ailsa for giving Emma the job without consulting her.

Betty Fulwell is at the store, telling Celia she’s sure there is something going on between Morag and Danny. Celia is angry and says she and Morag may have their differences but she won’t let her sister’s name be dragged through the mud based on gossip.

At the Diner, Carly is worried she will lose her job now Emma is working there. Bobby tells Carly she’s promised Ailsa they will give Emma a fair go.

Morag and Danny are walking and pass a girl on a swing. Morag reminisces about her father pushing her and Celia on the swings. The girl vacates the swing and Morag goes and sits on it. She asks Danny for a push, which Betty comes along and sees.

Betty arrives at the Diner and starts gossiping. Bobby, Viv and Carly are trying to agree a time to train for the raft race. Emma thinks the girls are going to get thrashed. Bobby has timed the guys and they were “only” four and a half minutes faster!

Back at the house, Morag shows Danny photos of her and Celia as children. Danny says he used to go kayaking with his dad. They were going to go down the Grand Canyon together. Morag takes Danny’s hand and says he’s never told her how his father was killed but Danny pushes her away and says it doesn’t matter.

Emma thinks Celia is keeping an eye on her at the store to make sure she doesn’t steal anything and says Bible bashers’ number one rule must be not to trust anyone with a punk haircut. Celia is telling her off for her language when Donald comes in and introduces himself. Emma isn’t interesting in going to school.

Bobby, Carly, Viv and a silent girl credited as Lynda are testing their raft but it’s not going well. Danny sees them and is amused. They have improved their time by a minute but Viv doesn’t think they have a chance of beating the boys. They get out of the raft and Danny offers some rowing advice but Bobby is short with him. She has heard the gossip about him and Morag and wishes him luck.

Betty turns up at Morag’s to offer her services as a cleaner to replace Marilyn but Morag scares her off when she mentions a confidentiality contract; if Betty broke it she’d be paying it off for the rest of her life! Danny returns and Morag apologises for before but Danny tells her he doesn’t want anything from her.

Matt and Adam are having a laugh about Emma’s clothes at the Diner. Matt calls her over and complains about there not being enough milk in his coffee so Emma pours milk all over his head! Bobby isn’t happy but Ailsa says the boys were being chauvinistic. Carly and Bobby don’t think Emma is suitable for the job but Ailsa asks them to give her more time to settle in.

Celia is on the phone at the store when Morag comes in and asks if she is ever off the phone! Celia tells Morag it concerned her; there are rumours about her and Danny. Morag is not bothered by gossip but Celia asks what about Danny.

Back at the house, Danny apologises to Morag for the way he reacted. Morag tells him about the rumours and thinks it would be better for him if he moved out. Danny asks who will look out for her but Morag has spoken to Bob Barnett about more patrols.

Carly shows Danny into a caravan and says she thinks it’s gross that Morag chucked him out. Danny says she is concerned for his reputation. Carly leaves and Danny starts talking his photo of his father again. He has had a copy of Morag’s front door key made. He came here to get Morag and he will; that’s a promise.

Guest Cast


Fifteenth appearance, last seen in #334. Gossiped to Celia about Morag’s relationship with Danny.

Mysterious silent fourth member of Bobby, Carly and Viv’s raft team.


  • Bob Barnett is mentioned as still being around

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